I’m in a incredibly mushy mood right now so I want to give thanks to the people who put up with me on a daily basis!  ❤️

My squad - my wonderful saltmate @harryswilsons  | the Robin to my Ant @danyandcarlos  | my beautiful electric wife @formulatrash  | smartest girl i know @seb-in-red  | best writer i know @lost-decade  |  the Daniel to my Lucas @human-ity-almost  |  my beautiful mermaid girl @that-is-sausage-to-me  |  chief receipt holder @damsindistress  |  McHonda wife @josefnewgardens​ | Dany to my Carlos @danyababy  |  chief of the Belgian Lovers association @mistressemmedi  | fellow Lewis hoe @silwehrleining | precious gem of goodness @torohoesso 💛

The electric squad - fellow Robin sleaze @edbighead  |  fellow antfucker @aroncant the voice of reason @charlesleclerc  |  tiny electric child  @silverstarswept | fellow commentator @wolff–cub  | fellow prost thirst-lord @bloodthirstypandasfromthesky 💙

Other cool people that I love seeing on my dash - queen of sewis @godbastian  | queen of edits @yet-another-lockup| fellow porsche feels queen @sweetpeapoppy | empress of edits @dearsenna | fellow hulkenrez league support @checoyourself  💚

If there’s anyone I missed or you’re not on the list, you still contribute something to my happiness so thank you very much!  💜