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Character Analysis: Huey Freeman-The Boondocks Franchise

Huey Freeman-The Boondocks Franchise

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This is one of the few author surrogates that’s entertaining to me. Most surrogates just preach the writer/creator’s agenda with no consideration for the opposite side. Either that, or their so wrapped up in their messages that they become annoying. See Bryan Griffin from Family Guy. 

Huey is an activist who believes in standing up for black rights in America. The catch is, he’s 10. 

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On one hand, this is brilliant for the show & comic’s attitude and commentaries. You have someone who’s extremely young pointing out societies’ problems with race, class, and whatever the topic of the day is. Huey has the balls to look a grown adult in the eye and say, ‘this system is broken’ or, ‘I have evidence saying that you’re wrong.’ 

He interrupts a court hearing where a grown man had sexual activities with a 14 year old but everyone is treating it like it’s no big deal because the adult is a famous R&B singer and the teen gave consent. He stands in front of everyone calling them out on their horrible double standard.

Only to be told to sit down and shut up. 

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