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30 Day Penn Zero Challenge

Because every fandom deserves one of these!
1. The first episode you ever saw.
2. Favorite character.
3. An episode you would show to someone to introduce them to the series.
4. Favorite episode.
5. Favorite human dimension.
6. Favorite non-human dimension.
7. Any character headcanons?
8. Favorite minor character.
9. Favorite Penn design.
10. Favorite Rippen design.
11. Favorite Boone design.
12. Favorite Sashi design.
13. Favorite Larry design.
14. A world you’d like to see revisited.
15. Favorite song.
16. Funniest moment.
17. Most dramatic moment.
18. Most heart-warming moment.
19. Any OTPs?
20. Any OCs?
21. Favorite guest voice actor.
22. A guest you’d like to see voice a character.
23. Least favorite dimension.
24. A character you most relate to.
25. A crossover you’d like to see.
26. Favorite souvenir from A Little Piece of Larry.
27. A character whose daily/personal life you’d like to see more of.
28. A world you’d like to see visited in future episodes.
29. Team Hero or Team Villain?
30. A message to the PZ cast and crew.