ICON is over and so is my time as a Circle K International member.

This was my third ICON and I am so happy I decided to go. I signed up for early registration about 10 minutes before the deadline but am glad I did. From the moment I heard the 2013 ICON was going to be in Vancouver, I knew I wanted to have a road trip. My dream came true and 2 days before ICON started, Amanda, Prescilla, Brian, and I started the drive to Canada. We made a few fun stops along the way, including a photo shoot in San Francisco. 

Last year, I wasn’t able to spend to spend much time with CNH because I was busy doing IBoard stuff. This year, I made a point to meet every person from CNH who was at ICON. I’m pretty sure I accomplished my goal. Some members I bonded with, others it was just a simple hello, but it was more than I was able to do last year.

My main reason for going to ICON was to be reunited with last year’s IBoard. Before going to ICON, we all knew it would only be the Representatives from Sub-regions B-F. It was amazing to all be together again. One night, my room got a call at 2:30am. When I answered the phone, I hear Rob saying, “Lisa, what room are you in? There’s an emergency! We need to show you something!” I head to the elevator, the doors open and the other Reps are standing there with Steven (the President from our board). The 6 of us had such a good time and I ca’t wait until 2014 to be reunited once again, but with Melanie as well.

This was also the event where I got to vote on who would be my grand-successor. I am so proud of David for stepping up and wanting to run. I’m really excited to hear about everything he does this year and where he takes Sub-region B.

I am also tremendously proud of Byron. Stepping up at the last minute and caucusing in front of every member at ICON is a very courageous move.Despite the last-minute decision to run, he had one of the best speeches I have ever heard. He is an amazing speaker and I know he will continue to serve and lead this year no matter what position he holds.

I feel so privileged to be in Cal-Nev-Ha. Our leadership training is some of the best and we all work so hard. Other districts may not like that we win so many awards, but they should see how much hard work, dedication, stress, sunrise sightings, and regretted midterm scores go into everything our members do!

I joined CKI in 2007. I have experienced and grown so much in this organization. As Daniel rand the bell signalling the end of convention, it made me cry. I thought about all the people I met, people I impacted and how this chapter of my life was ending. It was a bittersweet moment, but I am more excited than ever to move on and join Kiwanis.