You can’t have a multiplayer arena-style 4-way shooter without an arena to fight in - so I thought I’d mock up a few examples to give you guys a glimpse into how I’m thinking.

It’s not much, but keeping it simple will make it easier to see the colourful death explosions - or “Boomsplosions" as I want to call them - of other fallen players on the map.

And as a bonus I could even change the colours of the arena walls themselves to show which team is in the lead or to show where other players are nearby !

The Boomsuit, an ultra-sophisticated robot suit used by the participants of my colourfully explosive new “Game Under Development” - Boomsplosion !

I haven’t really been putting much effort into the project, but if you like what you see then check out the dev blog I have set up :

BoomSplosion - Game Development Blog

I’ll be updating it as I create more assets. In the meantime, let me know what you think !

After thinking about the previously hinted “danger map" mechanic some more, I thought I’d do a rough mock up to illustrate what I’m thinking about much more clearly.

As you move, the tiles nearest to you turn your team colour - which gives eagle eyed players the ability to keep tabs on enemies and teammates around them as they blow things up.

A Tilemap Overview mockup of a typical 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 match.

In the actual game, the rest of the arena will be completely blacked out apart from one tile all around your avatar and a few ahead where you aim - and friendly fire is on by default, so you can’t just shoot off in the dark either or you risk Booming a teammate and losing points.

Longtime followers may remember that I once talked about a multiplayer shooter concept called “BoomSplosion”.

Since I couldn’t program it, I stopped thinking about it too much. Anyway, this was an idea I had for a much simpler player avatar.

Simple, small and much easier to animate than that last one. Maybe I should try looking at it again …