boomerang roller coaster

elynight  asked:

Yeah, I'm diving head first into this trash pit OTP of ColdFlash, I lay ALL the blame on you Jen. So, AU prompt: “My friends dared me to go on this rollercoaster but now that we’re at the top it looks way too scary and hellO hot person sitting next to me (careful i might puke)” au

ahaha - you see i have a roller coaster story. that’s a hundred percent true. because i did it. tho it probably will be a terrible coldflash. i actually did this to my sister. so iris is just as understanding as my sister was. she still brings it up whenever someone mentions roller coasters… sadly no cute ride operator hung out with me. there were a lot of people starring at me tho….


Barry’s been in line with Iris for the Boomerang roller coaster for what seems like an eternity. An eternity of amusement park patrons shrieking and screaming above him. He’d make a run for it if not for Iris’ iron grip on his forearm. Roller coasters aren’t his speed. Especially when the roller coaster goes upside down and backwards. 

The queue is finally close enough for Barry to see the track and his impeding doom. 

“Iris, how about we go get some cotton candy? My treat?” Barry implores at his best friend.

“Nuh huh, we’ve been waiting for this for half an hour. I can’t wait, Bear,” says Iris.

Like walking to the gallows, Barry let’s Iris urge him forward to the track. He shakily goes through the turn stile as an apathetic ride operator let’s them go by. 

“I really think I should-”

“Don’t be a scaredy cat, Bear,” chides Iris. “This is going to be fun.”

“Fun, right,” mutters Barry and the ride operator actually laughs, eavesdropping on the whole exchange. Barry looks up to glare at the guy, only to lock eyes with the most handsome male specimen Barry’s ever seen (and Barry’s seen Felicity’s screen saver of Oliver with his shirt off). 

He flushes bright red when the ride operator, Len, as the badge supplies, quirks his eyebrow at him, as if to acknowledge the once over he’s giving Barry. 

It’s that momentary distraction that let’s Barry forget that he’s being urged to sit down in the bucket seat of the roller coaster.

“Oh God,” mutters Barry.

Iris just shoots him an excited grin. The back of the coaster fills up with excited patrons and the ride operator let’s the overhead bar drop. When Len finally gets to Iris and Barry’s row, he leans over Barry to double check more throughly that Barry’s locked in. Barry feels like his heart is going to escape through his throat. It has everything to do with the impending ride and not the hot ride operator. 

“Please wait for the ride to lock,” drawls out Len and Barry sees his opening.

“I can’t do this, Iris,” Barry says quickly. 

“Bear, what do you-”

He throws the bar over his head just as the rest of the bars lock, and bolts for the exit.

“I WANT TO LIVE!” Barry shouts and he clears the track that would make a pole vaulter proud. And not a moment too soon as the cart starts up.

“BARRY ALLEN I WILL KILL YOU!” shouts Iris as the roller coaster pulls away. And Barry is left on the other side with the ride operator who’s not even trying to hid his smirk.

“Your girlfriend is going to kill you,” Len says with a wry drawl. 

“Best friend,” Barry corrects instinctively and winces. “Do you think if I get her cotton candy, she’ll forgive me?”

Len’s smirk turns into a genuine smile. “It couldn’t hurt, Barry.”


Later, Iris is still glaring at Barry over a giant teddy bear that Len got her after he decided to take his break to show Barry where to get the best cotton candy.