Alright. Let me explain something.

You all know me. Really well. What happened was, I try to be a respectful fan. Yes, I poke fun at JC, and usually the first to do so. But I don’t go around spreading rumors, discussing his sex life, girlfriends, and family life. It’s his life to live, all I want is for him to be happy. I know not everyone is like me, but I believe in decent human curteousy, and if he wants to keep his private life private, he should be allowed to. Without us commenting on his choices in women, parties, etc. This is the ONE rule I hold to all JC fans. It’s what he asks of us himself.

It had been upsetting me lately that bringnsyncback has been doing exactly all that. I know everyone has their own lives to live and all, but it really upsets me that another JC fan could be so fucking disrespectful of The Man. Now, I have actually messaged her, asked her nicely to unfollow, and she has, and I have also unfollowed her, and blocked her for good measure, because poor timbertrick got the brunt of my rants. Ask her about them if you don’t believe me.

But the anger I had over all this has tinted the fandom here for me. I’m so disgusted by the actions of some of my other fellow fans of late, and it all started when she joined. I’m still not sure if I still want to be here anymore.

So that’s what’s been happening.