boomer bile

Breakbeast Lyrics

Lyrical physics // breaking bad on you bitches // cooking up some dope tracks in the kitchen // so my bars should be illegal // more addicted than some crack rock // 5 times more lethal // sell me on the corner // to your brother, to your mailman // to your teachers, to your local leaders // I am tasty sweet and satisfying // you call me the grand slam // have me with your breakfest to get a good start on your day // if you’re trying to me raw you gotta start the rawest way // pour me in a glass // mix me with your oj // to cut the taste of realness if you’re new to such a bitter taste // bitter taste from the tears of all these fallen fellas // who get they feelings hurt when my flow smoother than some butter // whipped up at a rapid pace like fresh whip cream // dripping with some sassiness like syrup from a tree // i am your daily serving of girl power with a bow // i am here to take your order // would you like that to go? // on some skates with a wink // so i can give you a show? // how about no // how about you get in where you fit in like some sealant in a crack // how about you seal your fucking mouth when you spitting on a track // you need a nap and a snack // and i’ll tuck you right in with the rest of these bitches who try to sleep on me // sleep tight hope the jealous bed bug don’t bite // you coutin sheep // when you should be countin pennies // when you look more broke than some dollarstore panties // off brand soda and a half of a mcdouble // you in trouble cause they put ice in your water // and you can’t afford the tax // you countin nickles // yeah you countin dimes // soon you’ll have a dollar then maybe you can holla at me // but until then shut your mouth and know your place // cause barf troop is the gang // kill your ass without a trace

It’s all me, stayed true, that’s all me

Well i’m incredible // I eat these niggas like they edibles // cooked up with the og kush // yeah I got that medical // dr.doo little or much // pushin buttons // think you stuntin // take off running when you get caught up // naw you stay here // the devil comes to play here // have you prayin like you should’ve when you knelt down on sunday // jesus got your back // but i got you by the balls// got your jaw on the wall like the swat team has been called // pulled up in the hummer // all black with the windows tinted // screaming out the window // watch out women and children // cause you came to play // but me i came to kill // bars sharper than the boner of the man of steel // lyricism stickier than some spiderman semen // yeah i weave a web that you’d be lucky to get caught in // and i am venom with a sinister smile // got a laugh more infectious than some boomer bile // hit you harder than a tank coming round the corner // leave you crying like a witch in the shadows where you slumber // yeah i’m goofy // keep it silly like i’m pre-school // yeah i’ll eat the pussy like some cookies if you supply the milk // grade A double d’s // gotta get it raw for the taste // you better blue scadoo to a new and better place // hold up blue blue give these niggas a clue // cause the mail is here and the rent check is over due

Achieving Survival (Part 3)

Title: Achieving Survival (Part 3)
Pairing: Future reader x ?? 
Word Count: 2139

Part 1, Part 2

Sorry it took a while for this part to come out! I had it partially done, but was stuck at a point where I was unsure as to whether I should add another character (not going to say who, because I ended up not adding them) to the story. But juggling six was hard enough! So here’s the part 3 that I promised the anon that I would get out by this week! I’d love comments, or even just suggestion on what you think I should add to this! 

You looked at the smoke, making its way towards your group. You may have mistaken it for a cloud if you did not see Michael chucking a pipe bomb towards the small congregation of zombies in front of you.

While the bomb’s beeping did attract the infected towards it, causing its explosion to impact quite a few of them—or at least from the squishing sounds you heard after the bomb combusted—it in no way meant they were all wiped out.

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Bile Recipe.

This part is largely up to interpretation, I’ve seen several recipes that work just as well, if not better.

I used a green Hug drink, and mixed some apple juice and water. If you want to make it look thicker I recommend using Golden syrup. It mixes with water and the golder color gives it a lighter shade of green. I have also heard that Mountain Dew works well instead of a green Hug.