Lonely Hearts

a/n: yeah this is all smut, enjoy!

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Warning: NSFW stuff like thats all this is.  this is for everyone that asked for more smut between Boomer and Claudia. So, enjoy. This is about my character Claudia and Boomer from my fic New in the Neighborhood, but you dont need to read that to enjoy this.


Capt. Boomerang X OFC [Claudia] // Suicide Squad

word count:  2,140

Lonely Hearts

It took Claudia a little while to decipher Digger’s handwriting at first. She didn’t expect he’d reply often and once she did finally receive a response, she was ecstatic. It was a scan of note paper which he had scribbled wildly across in sharpie, paying no mind to the horizontal blue lines. Once she had finally worked out what the letter said she couldn’t help but blush. He was no poet laureate, but she’d be lying if she said didn’t have a physical response to his words, ‘I can’t sleep at night. All I think about is your tight cunt around me cock, shocking and squeezing me as you cum.’

Claudia had also been having trouble sleeping, staying up thinking about him at all hours of the night. The evening before she laid awake on her mattress, staring at the opening above her bed, remembering how he’d try to sneak up on her. It was more than obvious whenever Digger was on the roof, his heavy footsteps shaking the tin sheeting as he stomped across it. Even if she had been asleep, by the time he peeked over the edge she’d be awake enough to know what he was planning. She would pull her arms in close, lying still in the center of the bed, aware of what he was going to do and humoring him anyway.

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