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Boombox Mini Event!

Is everyone excited for summer!? We sure are! So to celebrate we’re going to have this blogs first mini event! On June 24th, we invite you to Boombox beach day! Use the hash tag #BoomboxBeachDay2017 and post up any beach themed creative works you can think of! Swimming, beach volleyball, building sand castles, exploring tide pools and more! We hope to see you there! ^^

This event is one day only but late or early entries are more then welcome! 

~ Firebeez

ironfaerie  asked:

What are the fey boys most attached to?


Puck/Robin Goodfellow: A yo-yo he found on the same day he was sent to take care of Meghan. It has a faded, scratched up sticker of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on one side, and when it’s dropped and spins back up, the ancient audio-box inside the yo-yo crackles out, “Cowabunga!”

Ash: Sticking with a canon idea, the set of rings he had made for Ariella and himself. He attempted to throw them out once, after he and Meghan had gotten together, but when Meghan found them–and noticed how dismal he’d been for the week after he’d first tossed them out–she returned them to him in a small box, telling him there’s nothing wrong with having memories.

Glitch: A HitClips in the shape of a mini-boombox, and a single Clip that plays All Star by Smash Mouth. 

Rowan: A leather bound journal he found in an abandoned cottage in Ireland detailing the life of an average Irish farmer, from his early mornings tilling the farm to his evenings sitting with his wife enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof. 

Sage: A collection of colored glass fragments he’s found over the years, mostly taken from abandoned church windows, houses that have been demolished in storms and left empty, and any other dwellings that have been previously inhabited and either abandoned or destroyed. Each piece contains a small amount of glamour that can’t be found in any other place on earth. 

Tertius: A collection of Tomagatchi that he has never played, just meticulously collected over the years as he comes across them. Even after he stopped collecting them himself and gave the others away or dumped them, the packrats kept bringing him ones they found, and he has kept those in a special lockbox under his bed; occasionally going so far as to repair the really damaged ones they find. 

I hope this answers your question. =)