Ask and RP blogs

So I got two asks today about all the RP blogs I have for LOK and thank god that they just asked about LOK because we’re not even going to get into all the other blogs I have outside LOK lol OTL so here they are

Bolin RP account (sorta canon to what’s going on…sorta, heavy on the broh of course, you know I’m always looking for more people to talk to because I feel like the LOK RP community is such a nitpick community and that everyone has their group already and won’t touch anyone outside it…oops my tongue slipped but that’s how I feel)

Ask Metalcop Bolin (still trying to get my muse back after the finale shattered my kokoro ffff)

Ask General Iroh and Bolin (holy crap, this blog took off so fast ;A;)

Also as an extra, here are some of my favorite RP blogs:

Bolin Pro-Bender (most in character Bolin I’ve ever seeeeeen)

Onedoesnotsimplyship (General Iroh, usually found making jokes of ship and honor)

fabulouslyfreshmako (Mako, ffff you’re my favorite Mako RPer ever -facetouch- I want to RP more with you ;A;)

Waterbender Toza (son of Ask metalcop bolin)

Boom Boom Bumi (best Bumi ever, everyone go home.)

Dara Makoza (OC that stole my heart)

I just realized this turned into a follow friday thing…maybe i’ll do a legit follow friday this friday lol.  With all the blogs LOK related that I recomment -waddles out of frame-