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I totally see Kara having tons of plants. TONS. At first she asked Cat for permission?? And Cat was like 'fine whatev' But then?? She just kept getting more? Like Cat doesn't even know where she gets them. Every once in a while she just looks around and bam! another plant. 'This is f-ing ridic Kiera its like a jungle in here' Kara just gets all wide eyed from her spot behind the palm tree the nice landscaper contractors gave her this morning as thanks for her bringing cake for Carlito's bday

okay so heres the thing – thats pretty much exactly accurate. 

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What kind of cars does everyone have in the sg uni au? Do they drive around in shitty third-hand cars from skeevy lots and lots of rattling noises? Or bikes? Or buses? Or good old fashioned speed walking until their calves burn ('stop Kara. not everyone has your damn alien legs'-Alex probably)

kara has a bike, she can’t drive. she also definitely walks most places. she doesn’t rly like cars at all. the bus is okay & she likes trains but cars are too small

cat has a nice car small & eco-friendly (relatively speaking)

alex has a Garbage Car

vasquez has a motorbike but her mom doesn’t know that. 

james has a decent car. it’s second hand but in rly good condition, he uses it a lot to get to his photo shoots. it has a lot of boot space for all his camera stuff & he washes it like every two or three weeks. he’s very protective of it. 

lucy has a jeep her dad bought it for her to learn to drive in & then to keep. she keeps it rly clean except for the cup holders, she just sticks everything in there. loose change, hair ties, pens, paperclips, receipts, anything but cups really. 

winn has a scooter. 

Boom!   chapter 11

A/N: yes, it is finally here…

Steve called Dr. Sanderson once Becca was out of the room, telling him that her car had some trouble and he’d found her on the side of the road, no battery left on her cell phone. When the doctor started to berate him for his wife’s behavior, Steve cut him off. He wouldn’t put up with what he was saying.

He took a few minutes after hanging up the phone, giving Becca her space. He knew she was having a hard time with everything, not knowing who she could trust and not being in charge of her life. That was not his Becca. No, his Becca was strong, independent, fiercely loyal, and one of the most loving and caring people he’d ever met. She was the one who was always in charge, in control, who knew exactly what was coming and how to handle it. This woman, the one who could be scared of him: she was unknown to him. He didn’t know how to deal with her, what to say or what to do.

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Yes, there’s a “rigged election”: The one that ensures a Republican House majority

It takes quite a Democratic wave to tilt this many states even powder blue. But most nonpartisan analysts suggest this will not be enough to tilt the House of Representatives. The GOP holds a 30-seat majority in the House. The University of Virginia’s respected Crystal Ball says that as of today, less that three weeks from the election, only 37 competitive districts remain. Of those, 17 are toss-ups, 10 favor the Democrats and 10 lean Republican.

Super excited to be joining the Over the Garden Wall comic crew! Tomorrow’s issue includes the first of some stories written by me and illustrated by @ohcararara , as well as @officialangryjim and Danielle’s continuation on the Greg stories - so be sure you run and buy it and tip your local comic store friends.

I am so excited and thankful to have this opportunity, and hope all of you enjoy the stories to come! 

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whats the worst fight that alex and susan ever had?

alex is a SAD KID ok im just putting that out there she pushes herself hard & does so well & tries so hard & then wham she sad. 

im trying to think of what it might be bc okay first of all they’re kinda related probably but once vasquez is like,,, maybe ur mom could just chill for a second? u dont have to run urself to the ground looking after ur sister, she’s doing great & alex gets rly angry bc vasquez “doesnt understand”. rly she kind of has a valid point but like, alex has always looked after kara thats just what her life kinda is but its scary to confront like maybe this isnt how it shouldve been. so vasquez gets frustrated & alex gets upset angry abt that. & then like i guess thats part one to their worst fight? bc alex ditches her hardcore for like a solid week  not Immediately after that talk but a couple of weeks later & she’s been kinda distant & vasquez is rly worried so she comes over & alex lets her in mostly bc shes like?? i’ll break in let me in & they Fight bc vasquez is like u cant just ditch our dates & ignore me ok u gotta talk to me!! im fine if u dont wanna go out or if u wanna be alone but! u ! have! to ! talk to me!! 

& alex is upset bc she cant talk to her abt stuff so instead of explaining that she gets all distant & snarky & like vasquez can be a little like? blind to some things like yeah her life wasnt perfect growing up but she never ever doubted that her family LOVED her, that they support her 100% & she just never ever seems to get how alex could doubt it, or she goes to the extreme & is like ur mom is being way too harsh & shitty to u & alex is like idk just pick a nuance pls bc it makes me kinda nauseous to think that my mom doesn’t love me. bc she does its all just a little messed up & she has Expectations & her mom is so sad bc her husband died & she cant tell alex or kara the truth that he was maybe murdered & so alex yeah she gets distant & a little mean & they fight for a while before vasquez is like yknow what i was just trying to help & be supportive but lol whatever call me when ur ready to not be a bitch baby & alex is like peace go shit a cactus

& they last like two more days before alex is like ok so i mightve been a bit harsh & vasquez comes over & shes like i wouldve called u but i was scared i fucked up too & they talk & spend the day & night together & it gets better after that, vasquez rly tries to understand more & alex tries to talk more?? 

idk does this make sense lol


Finish with Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID) QwQ

I made these Mystic Messenger A6 Size Print and was really suprised that it quickly sold out (; 7 ;)
Thank you for those who purchased it >_<

For Jaehee and V image please check here :3


More Overwatch nonsense based on this snippet of @nerdy-m‘s high boom Deadlock AU

(I wanted to draw this properly to do it justice but tbh the endgoal was just being able to draw Genji “master of pickup lines” Shimada)