High Boom Cuddle Hcs

Junkrat: Okay, so you know how people say that he is very warm n stuff. Well maybe when he is awake and doing stuff, but as soon as he gets into bed his body temp drops so fast. Like this child is now a human popsicle he so cold.

McCree: Is the exact opposite of that like the man arleady has a high body temp when awake, but his entire torso becomes a furnace. Tho his fingers become ice cold. No one knows why he’s just always been that way.

Anyways on to the actual cuddling:  Junkrat tries is best to be the big spoon cause “taller= big spoon” in his mind. So whenever McCree gets into bed Junkrat attaches himself to McCree’s back. Like he’s given him the good ol’ koala hug. Yet somehow. SOMEHOW. When Junkrat wakes up, he is facing the wall and is pressed into McCree’s chest like he was glued there.

McCree really doesn’t care who is the big spoon or little spoon, but he does like Junkrat being cold at night since it helps the cowboy cool down as well. McCree is also a jerk cause he likes so slink his cold, icicle like fingers all over Junkrat’s body. Junkrat doesn’t mind….until the cowboy touches his spine or thigh, ya know the sensitive areas. And makes a big scene out of it. McCree just laughs.

Also considering how rough they were in the field both will just flop on the and have their limbs spread out. And the will mostly like be covered with soot and dirt cause both are dirty boys who don’t shower before passing tf out.


Video: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Footage

SEGA has shown off some new gameplay for the upcoming Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice which exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.

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