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protector. / keith (voltron) + self-insert

a/n: a shy(ish) self-insert based off of this lovely post by the even more lovely @imagine-paladins ! keith and the self-insert are already a couple in this fic.

also im sorry i use the same words so many times pls dont kill me

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The moment I settle in the back of the truck I regret my decision. I’m not this girl.  I’m not one of Negan’s many wives, but I’m not Paula or ‘Chelle either.  My mind is too active to just breeze into another community, demand their things, and breeze back out.  How Simon can do this regularly is beyond me as my thoughts race with every single way this trip can go bad, every way I could end up dead…we all could end up dead.

“Look at this, all ready to go!” Negan’s booms out over the yard.  “Gives me half-a-hard-on to see such dedication in my men!”  I keep my eyes down as I sense his approach.  “Hold the fuckin’ phone!”   It’s almost a cheer.  “Is that who the fuck I think it fuckin’ is?!”

I glance up, see Simon and the others stop to watch Negan swagger towards me.  My eyes flit around for help, but only Simon reacts with an encouraging smile.  The sound of Lucille hitting the underside of the truck causes me to jump, look directly at him.

Negan’s smile is slow, cocky.  “Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, it is you.”  His voice drops, tempting me to lean forward.   “Swingin’ dick with the fuckin’ big boys now, huh?”

“I need the points.”

“I’m sure you fuckin’ do, darlin’,” he licks his lips, hangs on the edge of the truck.  “But, you know, there are fuckin’ easier ways than fuckin’ goin’ out into the Wild Fuckin’ West that is this shitty fuckin’ world nowadays.”

He thinks I’m going to fail and it only makes me want to dig my heels in further.  “You really wanna help me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Something in his grin tells me he thinks he’s won whatever game this is.  I want him to regret that…

Crawling to his side of the truck, my smile relaxes with the rest of me.  “If I’m not back in time, can you make sure Kaylee gets her lunch?”

His smile stays, but his eyes squint in confusion.

“It’s just…” I shelf my upper body on the truck’s edge, present the best cleavage I can manage to him.  “She gets nervous with some of the servers in the mess hall, but I’m sure, if she’s got the Boss Man backing her up, she’ll be brave.”  I look down as I run fingers by his hand still gripping the side, before looking him in the eye with a grin.  “I’d hate for her to get so skinny some boy tells her to eat a fucking sandwich, ya know?”

Negan’s mouth closes, he runs a gloved hand over his beard, dissolving his smile in the process.  “Good luck out there, little lady.”  He leaves without so much as another smirk, heading to speak to Simon, then go back inside.

I pull away from the edge, go back to my corner of the truck bed, and question what I just did.  I challenged our leader, threw down a gauntlet, in front of others…If I was lucky enough to survive the trip beyond The Sanctuary, would I even be welcomed back?  God, sometimes I’m such an idiot…

This was fun to write because I didn’t expect “I” to challenge Negan like that, where she’s almost playing with him to the point not even he’s sure how to respond, haha!  I feel like this idea of her coming into her own - thanks in no small part to Negan and Simon both - will be explored further as things progress.  As always, the gif of the woman covers actions/mood, not appearance - the only consistent aspect of “I”‘s appearance is that she’s overly thin.

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It was a dark and stormy night. It had been nonstop raining in the Lich Yard and the area surrounding it for about 12 hours, and large puddles had started to form in the mud and grass. It was difficult to see 5 feet passed one’s own face, and it was perfect. Treasure has been needing to make this outing for some time, with several problems arising at and with the Iron Whale, he has not been able to make any treasure expeditions. He had been given a tip about a certain tomb that lies deep in the heart of the Lich Yard that held a treasure map. But this was not an ordinary treasure map, it was one that was revered over by many a pirate. None dared retrieve it, for fear of the Spectre’s wrath. None until tonight. 

Being stealthy was never one of Treasure Knight’s strong suits, but this loot was a very big deal, and also the decision to come in the storm helps. Entering the Lich Yard was one of the hardest parts, for coming in right through the front gates would not have been wise. After a long time of scouting for options, A small hole was found in some of the fence around the Yard. Treasure pried it open with this anchor arm, and proceeded to the rumored spot of the tomb.

It was very conspicuous, for it was easily the largest tomb in the Lich Yard, which meant the hardest to get into without being spotted. It was completely constructed of marble, making it impossible to enter without brute force or through the front entrance. The front entrance seemed a bit bland, and if he can’t break the lock, it could be time wasted. 

“Well, I’m already desecrating some person’s final resting place, why not just go nuts?”

with that, Treasure charged at what seemed like a weak point in the marble wall of the tomb. Colliding with it and sending a large booming sound throughout the yard. Some dust clouds passed, and there was a small indent in the marble. It was going to take a lot more force than he had thought nessasary.