boom tomorrow

  • Nate Heywood: Fine, I admit it. I still can't swim! I never took those lessons at the community pool!
  • Amaya Jiwe: Nate, you promised!
  • Nate Heywood: They wanted to put me in the beginner's class with the little kids! I can't be swimming around with a bunch of 5-year olds! They can be so cruel when they sense weakness...
  • Mick Rory: That's why on the first day you have to beat up the biggest one in the yard.
  • Amaya Jiwe: Rory, that's prison.
  • Mick Rory: Only if you let it be!

it is officially my birthday in one hour so it’s time for me to sleep for Too Long g'night my dudes 💜👍💜

Battle of the Boy Bands

Is anyone freaking out over the endless possibilities of what could happen in tomorrow’s episode.

I mean… Will Sonic sing? Will Knuckles play piano again? Will Jealous!Sonic make an appearance (alongwithsomrsonamyifthatsokay)? Will Amy act like Modern!Amy? Will the writers make the obvious Justin ‘Beaver’ joke?

But seriously I can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!