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Freaky Furday ~ Sonamy

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Sonic and Amy Switch Bodies.


Amy rolled over, she had expected to roll onto her plump bedding, what she had in fact rolled on to was a cold, unfriendly, wooden floor; which she hit with a thud. Groaning she sat up, gasping at what she saw. She wasn’t in her home, she was at Sonic’s…?

Sonic had never been so comfortable in his life, he’d never realised how comfortable his hummock was until now, and how warm. He really didn’t want to wake up, but he’d promised Tails they’d hang out. Slowly he sat up, rubbing his eyes as he did so. At first everything was a bit blurred then they focused on a pink wall. Hold on…pink? He looked around himself, he was in Amy’s room, in Amy’s bed. Panic set in, why on Mobius was he In Amy’s room! He swung his legs over the bed and made his way into the living room.

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So we know Eggman is terrified of Ghost’s in Sonic Boom.

I always had a feeling there was much more to it. Maybe its not the Ghost itself that terrifies him. but maybe the idea of the ghost.


So I dont think its actually Ghosts that scar our Eggy. Its death that scares him.

So I googled


and I find this

intresting… So maybe my theory is not to far fetched.

So if that is the case. Then why is he scared of death?

well to be fair. who isnt? we all know its coming for us in the end.

I think he is afraid of death, because he is afraid to not be able to accomplish his life goals before his time is up. or maybe he fears the unknown.

What are your guys thoughts?


(I’m not sure when I drew this, to be frank) Alright, so I’m slowly being dragged back into the Sonic fandom and I’m trying to dig my heels into the ground to keep that from happening. 😩 @chrysalisshell half of this is your fault. If only you weren’t so supportive! 😂

This afternoon I thought about making a golem created by Lenzi. But it came out as a kind of helmet. You could do as if you were one of the different golem types. For example this would be soldier. But she would use it in emergency cases, as she would get inside her star medallion. I hope you like it AND GIVE ME A HUG!