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Last night I dreamt that for Sonic Boom they wanted to make Amy more tough and strong so they changed Amy’s voice actor to Allison Janney (from “Mom”) and it was the weirdest thing to hear that voice coming out of this pink princess of a hedgehog.

After being away from my computer for about a month, been trying to use the good ol’ paper and pencil~ Starting with le Splatoon crossover~
Tho the picture does not do justice, omg. <XD

Ask-Alex-Hedgehog, omg so sorry that I can’t make it to megacon this year and hope this gift makes up for it! :’D

mariosonic471  asked:

Imagine if after a while, Boom!Sonic just developed a HUGE sense of self-doubt

> Implying that it hasn’t already happened

Egotism is an illusion; in some cases, a means to see in oneself what others fail to recognize. To stretch one’s ego until it’s all that can be seen is only an attempt to hide that which fears to be acknowledged.

It is the shovel that buries weaknesses until only strengths are visible; to give attention to oneself when no one else will.

Because confessing to one’s faults only causes those who show false-care to look on with pessimism and hate, thus leading to the true fear of facing reality.

In that respect, to have an ego is to have the lowest form of self-esteem, but the highest form of protection.


Estos últimos días he estado en Glow, el estudio que está haciendo la película de animación “Buñuel en el Laberinto de las Tortugas” enseñando ToonBoom Harmony y asesorándoles sobre algunos de los procesos para la película. Gracias a todo el equipo por tratarme tan bien 🙌🏻

These days I have been at Glow, the animation studio. They are making the movie “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”. I have been teaching ToonBoom Harmony and as consultant about some process of the movie. Thanks to the crew for being so nice 🙌🏻