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So, I bought a Tonner Deja Vu “Moonlit Romance” doll a couple of weeks ago for the express purpose of making myself a modern Sarah-Williams-in-her-ballgown doll. The repaint and head accessories are done! Now… just… the dress.

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Just wondering, why do you care so much about Amy getting represented?

I just think it’s important for female characters to get treated better. Amy is one of the few prominent female characters in the Sonic series. Therefore, I really want her to get the right treatment in these games. A lot of people play Sonic games. Men, women, boys, girls, and people in-between. I’m not saying the games should directly pander to any specific audience, but I would really like to see the female characters being fleshed out and realized. This doesn’t mean she has to lose any of her femininity either; just make her well written and likeable.

Sonic Boom actually makes Amy a very fun character. I like her a lot there. Even Sonic Forces didn’t mishandle Amy as she was treated with the same amount of service as everybody else (which wasn’t much).

Basically, Amy’s a good character and I want that side of her to be loved while also giving a strong female character for everybody who plays the games.

Beagle Babes Fanfiction

So a couple days ago my friend Nicole and I finally finished our Beagle Babes collab fanfiction!

The Beagle Babes have just escaped prison and are hiding out with their longtime rivals, the Beagle Boys. Tensions are high, and when the girls find out about the upcoming jewelry heist the boys have planned, they want in. Slight AU (read notes). Beagle Boys/Beagle Babes shipping. 

If it interests you we’d love you to check it out, and feedback would be loved, since this was my first time writing anything longer than a one-shot. 

XOXOXO, The Beagle Babes! <3