boom there go your ovaries

Exo reaction when their kid tells them that their singing sucks

Sehun: Did you just insult me in my own house?

Kai: I’m the main dancer kido not the main vocal. My hip thrusts makes ovaries go boom.

Tao: You’re mom still wipes your nose kido, I don’t care you think about my singing.

Kyungsoo: Is that so? all those awards from the living room kind of don’t agree with you kido.

Chanyeol: What happened with my no.1 fan?

Chen: Don’t like kido just cause youe mom made you do this.I heard you two days ago in you room trying to sing one of my songs

Baekhyun:*doesn’t give a shit*

Lay: What? but when you were little you used to fell alseep while I was singing to you

Suho:*to his wife* Guess who won’t get his allowance this month. I’ll give you a hint *points to his son*

Kris:*gif says it all*

Luhan: How can you not like a voice like mine *starts singing*

Xiumin: You sound like a whale giving her last breath. Plus I can dance.

Zain's main route for GREE summary!

I won’t be post the high quality CG since I believe everyone already got his CG in your phone lol (If you haven’t, send me and ask and I will send it to you) but I will be do the most detailed summary I ever do, why?

Because I’m impressed on how the GREE story make everything go so smooth and well written. (yet so short)

LONG. Yes it’s very long summary one, so apologize for mobile & tablets user for the ‘read more’ option still not working until now! 

All the summary base of cracking memory, cracking Japanese knowledge, and the screenshot, CG and anything about the character all belong to 

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