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Poly Relationship Headcanons [Dick Grayson + Jason Todd + Reader]

Request: do you do ot3 ships? if so, dick/reader/jason please (headcanon and/or fic) but only if you’re okay with it! ^^

Notes: I have definitely done a lot more than consider this one… sorry it’s short!

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  • “Screw you guys, I’m the smallest so I always get the middle.”
  • You walk around in their clothing 99% of the time you can. At your apartment? Boom, Dick’s boxers + Jason’s sweatshirt. At the Manor? Wow Jay, thanks for the jacket! I’m gonna go smother Dick and myself with your delicious cologne. At the Watchtower? Yes, Superman, this is, in fact, a limited edition Dick Grayson t-shirt. No, you can’t have one too.
  • You can never compromise when it comes to seating or sleeping places. Even if their three spots, Jason will whine about how he wants to be in the middle, Dick will promise him “next time”, and then you’ll bring up how Dick sat in the center three times in a row and a mini-argument will brew. Let’s say Dick drives, then you and Jason usually have to have a flirt-to-the-death until one of you wins. If you tie, you get to sit on Jason’s lap and possibly get pulled over, so it’s a win-win situation for the both of you.
  • Jason makes really intricate meals and you probably wouldn’t be capable of surviving with him tbh. Dick tries to make recipes but always wants to wing it (pun intended), and you just settle for take-out and crappy microwave meals. When Jason says “I’m going grocery shopping to get ingredients for [insert fancy meal here]”, you and Dick will be waiting by the door with wagging tails and watering mouths.
  • Bruce is almost overly supportive, and he and Alfred conspire together for your Christmas gifts. You all get matching sweaters, and Dick and Jason’s say “If lost, please return to Y/N.” Your’s says,”Keep them.

Bonus: [Based off of the Justice League cartoon]

  • Jason and Dick: [facing Amanda Waller and the multiple guards/military police behind her, protecting someone.]
  • You: [standing between the boys cockily, with your hands splayed on their shoulders fabulously] [in Waller’s face with a huge smirk] … Mine are bigger than yours.


by Tomboy KC | April 24 2015

Who says we don’t listen when you ask for something? If we can pull it off, we will.
At your request, for this week we reached out to an actress from a little show we like to call Arrow. You may know her as Felicity (or Lynsey’s doppleganger), we just know her as one badass chick with a closet we wouldn’t mind raiding while she’s out saving Starling City.
But enough about us. Let’s move on to the much anticipated profile of Emily Bett Rickards.

TKC: How did you get your start in acting?
EBR: I started dabbling in musical theatre and became a dedicated copy cat as a kid, but it wasn’t until after high school that I started auditioning for film and TV in Vancouver and also where I started studying with Andrew McIlroy who taught me everything and the importance of absorption and observation.

TKC: What do you find to be the most exciting thing about what you do?
EBR: There’s always that moment when working out a scene, where an unexpected feeling arises in the middle. NO warning just pure accidental discovery and that is the best feeling in the universe.

TKC: If you weren’t an actress, what would you be?
EBR: If you’re asking 3 year old Emily it would be: veterinarian, astronaut or pirate. (Actor was in there too.) I’ve always been interested in psychology as well, so maybe studying human behavior or primates!

TKC: How is Felicity’s style different than Emily’s?
EBR: Felicity is just less ‘athletic’ in terms of style. I love to get dressed up but I rarely wear a dress unless it’s for an occasion. Felicity works out but she never wears a ball cap unless it’s for under cover. We still love each other though.

TKC: Who is your fashion icon?
EBR: Depends on the day.

TKC: Day to day, what are you wearing? Do you have a work uniform of sorts?
EBR: Daily my outfit says “Hi I’m Emily, I look super cute right now but if I had to I could kick your butt with a high kick and survive the zombie apocalypse.” Runners, leggings, sweatshirt. Boom.

TKC: On a day off in Vancouver where can we find you?
EBR: Gym, dog park, beach.

TKC: With spring finally here and summer fast approaching, what are your warm weather must-haves?
EBR: Can’t ever have too many panel hats.

TKC: Are there any trends or looks you are into right now?
EBR: I’m kinda digging the cool colour toned hair – the full head of icy pinks and purples. I love something a little astronomical.

TKC: On the flip side, are there any trends you absolutely loathe?
EBR: Boring socks.

TKC: If we emptied your handbag right now, what would we find?
EBR: Toonie Loonie dog treats (beef apple flavour), sugar lip balm, a pen, vitamin c, lone sock, half a Quest bar, a book, my glasses, another Quest wrapper…

TKC: Mascara or eyeliner?
EBR: Mascara.

TKC: Coffee or tea?
EBR: Coffee but both.

TKC: Lipstick or lipgloss?
EBR: Gloss.

TKC: Twitter or Instagram ?
EBR: Both.

TKC: Favorite item in your closet?
EBR: Nike sweatpants. They need to be washed but I WANT TO WEAR THEM RIGHT NOW.

TKC: Tell us about your average Saturday night? Does it even exist?
EBR: Dinner with friends, in bed by midnight super snuggling my dog.

TKC: Do you look for style inspiration anywhere or do you just wear whatever the hell you want?
EBR: People watching for the win! The streets of New York and London are so abundant with different unique styles. Usually I’ll see something and I’ll know I like it. I like shopping. You name it: online, offline, in line. I love shopping with friends and for friends! I find a lot of inspiration by having a shopping teammate.

TKC: Where are your favorite places to shop?
EBR: Nasty Gal, Wasteland, TopShop, El Kartel.

TKC: Name one beauty product you couldn’t live without.
EBR: MOISTURIZER any kind all the time.

TKC: If you had a motto, what would it be and why?
EBR: Eat pizza! Because everyone likes pizza (even vegans), it always make someone smile if you say it, and its never a lie.

TKC: In high school you would have been voted most likely to…
EBR: Talk my way out of detention.

TKC: What advice would you give 18 year old Emily?
EBR: Don’t rush.