boom no more chinese laundry


Underappreciated Characters | Vincenzo ‘Vinny’ Santorini 

“My family owned a flower shop. We would sell roses, carnations, baby’s breath, you name it. One day, I’m making about three dozen corsages for this prom, you know, the one they put on the wrist, and everybody, they come. “Where is it?”, “When is it?”, “Does it match my dress?” It’s a nightmare. Anyway, I guess there was this leak next door of gas or what. BOOM! No more Chinese laundry. Blew me right through the front window. It was like a sign from God. I found myself that boom. “

Atlantis: The Lost Empire  {Sentence Starters}
  • "Do not be such a crybaby. Hold still."
  • "You have disturbed the dirt."
  • "There you are. Now tell me your story, my little friend."
  • "It only took me like, what? Ten seconds? Eleven, tops."
  • "Who are you? Who sent you? Speak up!"
  • "Someone needs to talk to that girl."
  • "But, nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew."
  • "Well, as far as me goes, I just like to blow things up."
  • "Anyway, I guess there was this leak next door of gas or what. BOOM! No more Chinese laundry."
  • "You didn't just drink that, did you?"
  • "Will you look at the size of this? It's gotta be half a mile high, at least."
  • "What, something wrong with your neck?"
  • "I got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whisky and lard."
  • "I didn't say it was the smart thing, but it is the right thing."
  • "Get back! I've got soap, and I'm not afraid to use it!"
  • "Well, you did set the camp on fire and drop us down that big hole."
  • "Thank God I lost my sense of taste years ago."
  • "Yeah, I really wish I had a better idea than this."
  • "'Bout time someone hit him. I'm just sorry it wasn't me."
  • "I know, why don't you translate, and I'll wave the gun around!"
  • "Looks like all our chances for survival rest with you."

AHAHAHAH-!! Ohmygosh, that was fun!!
I’ve been dying to try the redraw scene thing for a while, and finally had the spare energy to give it a shot. Nightmare Moon in the season finale was awesome, and I loved the shots she got when they introduced her. She was refreshingly crazy-evil, just look at that! And those teefies!! Gotta love the teefies. (Yes, that’s what they’re officially called.)

I’ll probably do Chrysalis next. 

The really sad thing is that they’re probably not trees at all.

Whenever I see someone create a character that has stuff in common with one I have, I always get the urge to draw them together. And I just couldn’t resist giving carniscorner’s Eggyolk a whirl, because, come on! Her name’s Eggyolk, how cute is that?! Also she’s yellow! Just all around adorable, ah!

Like Korra, she has a color variation, although it doesn’t effect her as badly as it does my poor girl. She’s just bigger then most other Changelings.

Korra, on the otherhand, got really jipped by the gene pool. Her pink eyes are cute, but she has terrible vision, usually resulting in seeing double or even triple images. Her legs also have a bit too many holes in them which makes it a bit difficult for her to walk.
On top of all that, she’s a teenager. Yikes! 

Over the weekend, I wound up sitting behind a family I know from church at an event, and when I looked up from sketching five million Aorta Rose poses, their smallest girl had covered her face in star and bat stickers. It was absolutely adorable, and I just knew that it would be something that Chrysalis would do.
So, of course Korra got the short end of the stick. Hopefully that paint is non-toxic!

Aaaand she’s done!

I’ve been wanting to do this since the episode aired, but didn’t really have the time to do it until now. Holy cow, what a ride. I put a lot of different stuff in here, I don’t even know where to start!
I’d have to say my favorite part is the bottom half. I’m going to have to see if I can recreate what I did in other things since I like the texture on her skirt.

Hope y’all like this! It was certainly fun to make!

This is turning out a hek of a lot cuter then I thought it would. I just wanted to draw them together to show the height difference but OH MY GOSH AVALINE IS TOTALLY HER DAUGHTER YOU CAN REALLY SEE IT AND IT’S ADORABLE. (Either that, or it’s because I can’t draw different faces. Which it might, but at least you can tell they are related.)

Also Muse looks so teeny next to her, it’s really funny!

Finished my one and only commission this month! Which has actually turned out to be a good thing since this month has been jam packed since the very beginning. And what a cute thing I got to draw! It was certainly a pick me up!

I liked this so much, you can get it on redbubble! You can have Chryssy hugging a pillow ON a pillow!

Commissions are still open until the end of the month.

Thank you all so, so, SO much for your patience in waiting to see the miniprint milestone!!

The theme for this years miniprints is friendship! And of course who is better to lead us then Zecora? She’s been around since season 1, and has helped the Mane 6 through many a pickle, even in different timelines! I’d call that friendship!

This print reveal is part of my donation drive to help pay for our trip to Bronycon this year! Check it out!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this print, it’s up on Redbubble!
And the high res file is viewable to patrons on Patreon too!


And there you have it! Valentines for the main characters of both my comics! 

From top to bottom we have: Abbey, Chrysalis, Jasper, Korra, Xie, and Tarrlok!
You can use these as you see fit! Send them to your friends! Send them to your lovers! Send them to your enemies!

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! Go buy some discount chocolate tomorrow and treat yo'self!

For some reason, the idea of Twilight with glasses wouldn’t get out of my head today. I mean, Rarity looks cute with her glasses, but Twilight, book nerd extraordinaire, adds about 200+ cute points to her already pretty high cute stat. (Queen Chrysalis laughing beats her by a mile in my book though. <3)
I also may have made this with my husband in mind.

I might shade and highlight this, but my arm’s starting to yell at me. Don’t be surprised if there winds up being two versions of this!

Commissions are open for only 3 more days! Get on it!

Well, that was fun!

Before I started going to town on the FQC stuff, I really wanted to draw/paint a Luna or Nightmare Moon. I couldn’t decide so I went with both!
I really like how this came out, considering how slap-dash the construction was. I think if I keep experimenting like this, I’ll be going in the direction I’ve been trying to go for a while with my painted-ish pieces.

And done!

This was turning into one of those pieces where I could work on it for DAYS and I still wouldn’t think I was done with it. So, I basically had to pick a finishing point and then send it to the printer.

I AM SO HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT!!! This is an idea I’ve wanted to do for ages and I’m so happy to finally have it here in front of me. I can’t wait to see this screenprinted. Hek, I just might fiddle with it some more after the con and slap it on a shirt!

Okami-CelestIa, everyone! You bet your bottom her wings are pretty now! ;D


So, we got a sneak peek of what the royal foal looks like, and, of course, I AM OVER THE MOON ABOUT HER! What an adorable little filly!!! AHHH!! <3 <3 <3 (Also did you see that wingspan??? Little cutie is going to wind up being nicknamed Dumbo!)

Don’t be surprised if I wind up cranking out some things centered around her for the few weeks. 

So, I thought this would be a good thing to address. The next FQC update is gonna answer a ton of questions, but I thought going over one of them in greater detail before I got to working on it would be a good idea.

The most asked question, besides where Chrysalis’ mom is and how their relationship works, can be broken down into “Where are all the men?”
A lot of people assumed that Tarrlok was the only female exception in terms of the captains, and/or that the Changelings are mixed everywhere. This is totally wrong.

As seen in the picture above, a female worker has a horn and wings. They need these things to do all the jobs that they’re assigned, whether it be to infiltrate pony villages, take care of eggs, or just general stuff in the Hive. They come from fertilized Changeling eggs.

A male drone doesn’t have any of these things, and, to further distinguish them, they are have different eyes. Drones are pretty much just walking baby-makers. They have no free thought whatsoever, and their entire existence revolves around the Queen and her needs, whether it be keeping her company, fetching her things, or doing the baby thing.
When the Queen isn’t in the Hive, they go into an idle state, and don’t do much of anything except wait for her to come back. The Hive can usually tell when the Queen will return based on how active the drones become since they’ll usually inexplicably perk up and start wandering around looking for her. They are completely loyal and hardly ever leave her side.

A drone generally comes from an unfertilized Changeling egg, but there’s another way a drone is created.
To keep the Hive genetically diverse, the Queen will go out and look for a healthy male pony, does the usual Changeling song and dance, and then completely drains him of all emotion except for the love for her, essentially brain-washing him. After this, she takes him back to the Hive, and, eventually, the pony winds up looking like all the rest of the drones. Ponies aren’t exactly meant to survive with just one single emotion left in them. This happens every couple hundred years or so.