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I wonder how Carmilla dressed in the 1980s? Still in a lot of black, probably. (I couldn’t decide which style I liked better so have both)


Anybody else ever think of how weird it is that for us black SBs we are most likely dating white guys who grew up in segregation. Like, my parents are 50 and they lived in black only neighborhoods and attended largely black schools because mass integration didn’t happen in the south until the 70s.

And my grandma was born in 1938 meaning she was almost 30 when Dr. King was assassinated. So if you’re seeing a man in his 70s he was a young man when the black freedom movement was booming. America is wild…


NEWSHOUR: Farmers markets are everywhere. But do laborers see benefits?

Local and organic food movements have boomed in the past decade because consumers are increasingly more concerned about the quality of their produce. Though this awareness can benefit the environment and public health, it has eclipsed the working conditions of the people picking the fruits and vegetables in the fields.

Organic sales from farms increased by 82 percent since 2007 to $3.1 billion in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent statistics. And the number of farmers markets have more than quadrupled to more than 8,600 since the mid ‘90s.

But farm workers and their families who stay with them have sparse protections against cruel conditions. On top of living off meager wages, they work at the bottom of one of the most hazardous industries in the country. In 2011, 570 of them died, which is seven times the rate of the national average among workers in private industries. And on average, about 113 of them are under 20 years old. If they are female, it is more likely they will be sexually harassed or assaulted.

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