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Gold And Red

Ok, so I’m mixing a few requests into this because they all fell into the same category and I’m too lazy to do different fics for a topic that could easily be put into the same piece of writing.
The requests are from the dialogue list and also from an anon.
Sorry, kinda not sorry <3

“ Can I get 35 with Anti?” 
“Anti makes the reader cry accidentally after a fight and he has to go and apologize”

35: Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” 

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To say that Anti was affectionate would be like saying that the ocean would try up in a the next few weeks. It was very, very unlikely, but there is a chance. 
This thought raced through your mind as you threw a vase at him. 
Anti batted it away, his arm smashing it as he blocked the object from hitting his face. 
His eyes glowed with green hell-fire as the two of you bellowed at each other. 
You couldn’t remember what started the argument. 
You barely remember what the argument was about. 
The logical side your brain begged you to stop. This whole thing was irrational, foolish. There was no reason to be yelling at him. 
But the other side of you, the one that was fueling your rage and making the tears spill form your eyes, shoved the logic aside. 
Spat on it and drove it into the dirt. 
You wanted answers, but you didn’t know what questions you were asking. 

Anti shook with rage. His head glitching, blurring in it’s haze of movement. The boom of his voice shook the walls and when he slammed his fist down on the bench, it left cracks on the marble surface. 
“Go on, tell me! Tell me you don’t love me!” You hollered at Anti. 
“Why do you always bring this up?” He asked hotly. “I am incapable of love. Emotions do not apply to me! I feel only anger. Get that stupid little brain of yours around that! I can never love you. I can never love anything! A pathetic creature like you-”
Anti halted, catching his tongue before he finished his sentence. But the damage was done. The tears ran like open faucets and Anti felt his chest tighten painfully as you stepped away from him.
“(Y/N)…I..” but there were no words. No excuses to brush this mistake under the mat. So many times he had tripped up on your emotions. Not seeing the confusion when he left you a flower on your desk after a long day. Then screaming at you minutes later about something so small it was impractical. 

Anti watched, frozen as you turned and fled to your bedroom. Slamming the door shut. 
In every argument, you had tried to get the last word in. A lingering statement that made his blood boil for hours. 
But this time you had nothing to say. Only muffled sobs that echoed through the empty hallway. 
Anti grimaced as he replayed the moment in his head. 
What did he care for your emotions? Those fragile little shards of imagination that pulled the strings to your every decision. 
Why did it pain him to see them shatter? Why did he feel…..this.
Anti approached the closed door. His knuckles hovering over the wooden surface.
What did he intent to do here? What could he do to make this better? What could he say
Anti collapsed against the wall behind him. Sliding down it till he hit the floor, staring at the door like it was mocking him. 

Anti knew what he had to say. But it wouldn’t be enough to undo the scars he has just carved into you. 
Nothing would be enough. 
He would never be enough. 
Anti closed his eyes. Crushing them shut as he clenched his fists till he felt hot pain stab at his palms where his nails dug into his flesh. Blood dripped between his fingers.
His fingers relaxed, his shoulders releasing as he looked up at the door that separated the two of you.
He had to try. 

You had curled up on your bed, a pillow shoved against your face as your tears stained the material. Muffling the sobs that raked your body. 
You were pathetic. Thinking something like Anti felt anything but rage. 
It was stupid to even consider it. 
You sniffled and went to wipe your nose with a tissue, when your room dimmed to a soft green. The TV on your bookcase switched on with a loud buzz and was filled with multi-colored shapes. 
Sitting up, you clung to the pillow as the shadows formed into a figure. It jittered about the screen, clawing at imaginary figures, pulling at it’s hair and rearing back to scream a silent cry. 
It took you a moment to make out the shadowy shape as Anti. His head whipped back and forth, a knife carving words in blood on the wall behind him. 
Anti fell to his knees as the blood dripped from the walls, creating pools of red around him. 
Beings of crimson liquid rose from the blood and started beating him with fists of scarlet. He clawed at them, tearing them apart with a silent snarl on his lips. 
He became more frightening in appearance. Fangs began to push through his gums, his hair darkened and green flames spurted from his fingertips. 
It was horrifying to watch.
But then another figure appeared on the screen. A womanly figure that glowed golden and whole against the glitched images. 
She pushed past the blood-beings and gently touched Anti’s shoulder. He lashed out at her, catching her cheek and throwing her back. 
But the girl tried again to touch him and again Anti attacked. On the fourth attempt, Anti didn’t hurt the girl of gold. He allowed her to touch him. Laying a beautiful hand on his glitching hand.
He hissed when her fingers caressed his cheek, then after a moment he leaned against her touch. 
You stared at the golden figure as she embraced Anti.
The girl of gold was you. 
Anti’s figure returned to normal. Becoming more human in appearance and the fire ceased into a warm glow. 

But then the blood-beings attacked again. Having stood off screen, you had almost forgotten about them. 
The girl of gold was the first to be attacked. A crimson hand print smeared over her glittering skin and she cried out in pain. 
Anti launched himself at the Beings, taking two down in a swipe of his hand and throwing another off the screen. 
But blood continued to ooze from the carved words on the walls. The pools becoming deep puddles, swallowing your golden form in red. 
Anti tried to reach for you, but you sunk into the scarlet depths. You could feel his cry of anguish as your hand disappeared and your glow was dispersed. 
Anti’s figure caved under the weight of the Blood-Beings and the screen went black. 
Two words appeared on the screen in glitched, green writing. 
“I̷̩̥̥̮̪͆̂̑̐'̸̰̋̽̾̕͘m̴̧̦̎͌͑͠ ̴̫̼͔̜̬̈́Š̴̥͙͕̟ỏ̷̬͎͑r̸͔͙̠͈̝͐͂̕r̶̺̈́̏̋̒y̴̤̬͑͐̎̍ 

You wiped your tears away and sniffled.
“It’s not your fault you’re like this, Anti” You said to the empty room. “But I wish you’d tell me straight if you felt anything at all.”
The lights flickered, plunging you in darkness for a moment before bringing the light back and revealing Anti kneeling by your bed.
“I don’t know myself if I feel anything,” Anti admitted. “But I feel that this,” He tapped his head. “Is hurting you. And that scares me. So, in a sense I do feel something for you. But I don’t know what.”
You reached over and lightly touched his face with your fingers. He closed his eyes, sighing into your palm.  
“I forgive you,” You said softly. “Just…don’t say things like that again.” 
Anti nodded. Crawling onto the bed and scooping you up into his arms. You rested your head against his chest, allowing him to cradle you in his lap. 
“I’m sorry that I hurt you,” He said into your hair. “But I don’t know if I can promise that it won’t happen again.” 
You played with the material of his shirt, “We’ll figure it out. But in the mean time, can you do another show? I didn’t know you could do that.” 
Anti chuckled, “Alright, but only because I know you’ll try to guilt me if I don’t.” 

Inadvertent Storytelling

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Storytelling in games is something that isn’t typically what games are credited for, many games are all about action or instant feedback and having fun, and most that attempt to tell a story do so in a way that borderlines cringe worthy!

But wait! There’s a chance through Inadvertent Storytelling!

Let me explain how some of the best narratives are told through games without the need for walls of text.

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A Dog is a Dog - Part Two

Summary: The Boys’ hunt gets scuppered by the fact another Hunter beat them to it, but she doesn’t hunt alone
: eventual SamxReader
: 1597
: Language??
AN: This is for @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge!!! I decided to do his love of Dogs… but then decided I was gunna put a little spin on that idea…
This is part 2! There will most definitely be a part 3 and potentially a part 4… I have no restraint  XD
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

ADIAD Masterlist


“You… you named a Hellhound – one of the most ferocious beasts of Hell – Berry?”

The disdain in Dean’s voice palpable, causing Y/N to scowl at him as Sam slowly pulled the glasses from his face and handed them to his brother.

“His name’s not Berry… it’s Cerberus. Berry is just… a nickname” she retorted as she started waving her hand up and down in the air. The steady thump, thump on the Motel room floor suggested that ‘Cerberus’ was now steadily hopping up and down on his front paws as he followed her movements, the booming bark that reverberated through the room certainly sounded light-hearted.

If Sam hadn’t still been stood in stunned silence, he would have laughed at how Dean recoiled at the sight of the hound. He almost fell backwards onto the mattress, his green eyes wide as he traced the beast’s movements. Y/N continued to play with him with a small smile on her face.

She ignored them for a moment longer before shutting the door and trailing wearily back to the bed.

“You never told me who you were” she said, gingerly getting back onto the soft duvet and scooting over to the side.

“Yeah, well” Dean started, cringing as the bed dipped beside her, clearly watching Cerberus as he curled up beside his owner, “we had other, more pressing matters on our mind…”

“I’m Sam,” Sam cut in, taking the glasses from his brother and passing them back to Y/N who took them with a small smile, “and this is my brother Dean.”

“Sam and Dean, huh? Wouldn’t happen to be the Winchesters?”

“Yeah, we’re the Winchesters” Dean replied curtly, eyes narrowed on the spot where the hound was probably now lying. “Sorry, lady, but I am not ok not being able to see that thing.”

“Tough luck” she snapped, her hand seemingly curling into thin air as she presumably buried it in her pet’s fur, “I don’t carry spare glasses.” The air between Dean and Y/N was growing steadily colder with hostility, and the two continued to stare daggers at one another. Clearly, Y/N didn’t like people referring to Cerberus as ‘that thing’.

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  • (Enlightenment, American Revolution, Jefferson, Jacksonian Democracy, 2nd Great Awakening, States' Rights, Civil War, 13th Amendment, Railroads, Progressives, Industrial Revolution, Harlem Renaissance, Great Depression, FDR, New Deal, WWI/WWII, Baby Boom, Kennedy, Civil Rights Movement, Watergate, Vietnam War, Space Race...) : hey
  • College Board: new phone who dis

I wonder how Carmilla dressed in the 1980s? Still in a lot of black, probably. (I couldn’t decide which style I liked better so have both)

anonymous asked:

Your art is such goals, and it's always so dynamic!! Do you have any tips for that?

OMG! ty anon mean a lot for me

Okay I think the best tip is…

use always references (i know so many people said that) but references are really helpful! 

there is a thing called “line of action” is a line with all the power the line who have the big boom movement, i always recomend draw the line from the head to a feet because that will help you in proportions :D

and draw this line will give you more dinamism and a fresh move , the line is always curve, because curves make than the draw look good and dynamic.

is also important the clothes, follow the movement with the clothes look how the tutu/ dress of the ballerina move so delicate, look how the dress follow the “line of action”

instead of draw a chaeracter with a straight line to the head and feet draw it a curve line! use references! (even for the clothes movement) and have fun !

Step by Step making of Pixel Animation (idle) Hot as Balls

First and foremost this is me documenting my working process so that I don’t forget it. Its second function could be used as a springboard for other animators to learn from. I give credit and special thanks to this work flow to my friend anatomy-geek​ Jesus(also known as Jesse) Lopez. Ducktales Remastered supervising/lead animator(among other games)

Heres the next set of steps

and the last steps

As I promised justingamedesign​ here is the merged step by step process in gif format. I would like to go into more detail but I don’t know exactly what (if anything) people want to know. The best I can do is describe my working process and if any one has any questions feel free to ask in the notes section and I’ll make a reply post replying to the people that ask questions (like how I already did)

Okay I’ll try and give a step by step break down in text as well. (these images are blown up like 1000x for tumblr purposes.)

My main goal was to showcase his character as well as make sure his facial expressions are clear.

Step 0: I created indicators for his feet(most important!) legs, and hips I then just made a bunch of blank frames and played around with the idea of moving the blocks that represent his body parts. (really there is a step negative 1 where I just only have his hips as a block and I move that)

Step 1: More indicators this time for the torso and head

Step 2: This is the step where I for some reason decided to move his hip pixels slightly to the right. The result was a happy accident and I like what I gave me so I took. It was a nice surprise and in animation surprising yourself helps keep your work organic because it wasn’t planned. It’s very hard to make planned animation look organic. Here’s an example. Planned poses, stiff animation. 

Here is how I decided to clean that up. Still stiff, barely any change and therefore not very interesting for this character. It was a good try but not good enough.

Step 3: I made the movement more extreme because why not ;^]

Step 4: Added more body part indicators. Notable additions is the pomp

Step 5: Filled out more detail for the back of the head

Step 6: Added the coat indicator and added light indicators for reasons I don’t know. (I won’t add lighting to an animation until the very end now)

Step 7: From step 6 to 7 a lot has changed. There were no steps skipped. In one go I filled out all the base color details such as his arms, legs, chest, head, hair, and shoes. This process was quite easy and took about 20-30 minutes. Putting a character on model and cleaning is the easy(if not most time consuming part)

Step 8: Re-animated the back arm (screen left, his right) because it wasn’t doing anything interesting. Now it’s swinging all wildly haha. If I’m to be blatantly honest he is warming up his pimp slapping hand. There I said it! Now you know lol

Step 9: Started cleaning up the lighting and added definition to his face and other parts of his body.

Step 10: Is a big leap from 9. In this step I added a black line to his outside(for gameplay clarity(debatable) and I gave him his face! In this process I attempt to add Z rotation(rotate into the screen) for his head, hand on belt and his torso. At this state I was sort of satisfied. I showed it to my mentor Jesse Lopez. He was impressed. I asked him how I could improve it. He told me that I should take a long break and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. Sooo I did exactly that.

Step 11: From step 10 to 11 I stopped animating this for about 3 weeks maybe a month. (I was focusing on drawing at this time) However, after I got back to it I saw all the issues with it and I was able to clean it up and make it clearer. I gave clarity to every pixel I could think of. I defined his calves, his crotch, his wrists, elbows, feet, chest, both his hands. Step 11 is where I made the most progress over all. I also ripped away all of the lighting. It was confusing me and was making it harder to clear up all the imperfections I could see. I was confident I could re-light it and make it way better to boot. 
I fixed his pomp animation as best I could in this step too. I also reworked his entire face, torso, and screen right hand rotation from scratch. I also added his hair breaking off because I thought it was cool. There were more changes but I’ll let the animation speak for itself.

Here is how I worked on the head rotation. I am too stupid to work on it combined to my animation. If you feel confused, try and eliminate the confusing aspects. For me it was the vertical and horizontal movement of the head that was confusing me when trying to figure out the Z rotation.

I separated the head into a new file and removed all the horizontal and vertical movement. BOOM! Now I can finally focus on the Z rotation. I also erased the face completely. I just needed a fresh start.

Here is how it turned out. I was extremely adamant about making it feel like a little 3D object. I also didn’t want his facial pieces to vibrate or strobe. I had a version before this that relied on sub pixels to smooth the transitions but man it was ugly. This version is much clearer and has no need for sub pixels.

Step 12: This is the final animation. What changed here is brand new lighting, even better head rotation and a bunch of tiny fixes that I noticed. I added a shadow by copy and pasting his frames making it a black-blue silhouette then flipping it vertically then shrinking it by some number vertically then I pasted it below him frame by frame. I’m either gonna do this pro-grammatically or I’ll make my own shadow by cleaning up that. Not really important. Just fluff stuff for WOW factor..

I like this animation more than all my previous work combined. Expect to see more stuff like this in the future. Full of movement, organic and wacky as all hell! 

Thanks for reading. Here’s the final version below.



NEWSHOUR: Farmers markets are everywhere. But do laborers see benefits?

Local and organic food movements have boomed in the past decade because consumers are increasingly more concerned about the quality of their produce. Though this awareness can benefit the environment and public health, it has eclipsed the working conditions of the people picking the fruits and vegetables in the fields.

Organic sales from farms increased by 82 percent since 2007 to $3.1 billion in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent statistics. And the number of farmers markets have more than quadrupled to more than 8,600 since the mid ‘90s.

But farm workers and their families who stay with them have sparse protections against cruel conditions. On top of living off meager wages, they work at the bottom of one of the most hazardous industries in the country. In 2011, 570 of them died, which is seven times the rate of the national average among workers in private industries. And on average, about 113 of them are under 20 years old. If they are female, it is more likely they will be sexually harassed or assaulted.

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Anybody else ever think of how weird it is that for us black SBs we are most likely dating white guys who grew up in segregation. Like, my parents are 50 and they lived in black only neighborhoods and attended largely black schools because mass integration didn’t happen in the south until the 70s.

And my grandma was born in 1938 meaning she was almost 30 when Dr. King was assassinated. So if you’re seeing a man in his 70s he was a young man when the black freedom movement was booming. America is wild…

“In two years, I’ll be gone. Even if they forget the details, they’ll remember being happy for a night. That’s not a small thing.”
-The Wicked + The Divine #8

A three hour mix for the possible end of days. Features plenty of trashy EDM, probably cliche dance classics, things of questionable taste level and other songs to make you move and neglect feelings. Pure empty calorie fun. Probably does not meet “none more goth” quotas. Enjoy. Oh I am too lazy to put this on 8tracks. So Spotify it is. 

Canon - Justice / Can’t Hold Us Down - Axwell^Ingrosso / Here We Go - Hard Rock Sofa / Get Up (Rattle) - Bingo Players and Far East Movement / Boom Boom Boom Boom! - Vengaboys / Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six / Canned Heat - Jamiroquai / Born Slippy - Underworld / Natural Disaster - Laidback Luke & Example / Cars That Go Boom - L’Trimm / Four Door Aventador - Nicki Minaj / The Night - 3LAU, Nom De Strip, Estelle / This Is Your Night (Bermans House Mix) - Amber / Car Song - Spank Rock featuring Santigold / Word Up - Korn / 3 - Britney Spears / Get Innocuous! - LCD Soundsystem / Map of the Problematique - Muse / We Are Your Friends - Simian vs. Justice / Dangerous - Big Freedia / Amazing - Hi Fashion / Eat Sleep Rave Repeat - Fatboy Slim & Beardyman / The Salmon Dance (Crookers Remix) - The Chemical Brothers / #SELFIE - The Chainsmokers / Day n Nite (Crookers Remix) - Kid Cudi / Miami 2 Ibiza - Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah / Pro Nails - Kid Sister featuring Kanye West / Never Say Never - Romeo Void / Stop Me - Mark Ronson featuring Daniel Merriweather / New - No Doubt / Back In Your Head (Tiesto Remix) - Tegan and Sara / Rush - Big Audio Dynamite / Loaded - Primal Scream / Can’t Stop Feeling (I Feel Love Outro) - Franz Ferdinand / Desperate But Not Serious - Adam Ant / Names - Treasure Fingers and Bosco / Dirge - Death in Vegas  / 1998 (Delicious) - Peace / Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You - Arctic Monkeys 

kierongillen - we can talk at ECCC about my poor choices!!!


Check out my bros’ choreography #Boom1 #Boom2 and featuring my best friend #jt #jayfire #jayfiretattoo

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From what I’ve seen so far, not only are the expressions we’ve seen from Sonic Boom fun and cute, but they’re spectacularly expressive. From what we’ve seen before, the most expression we’ve gotten from these characters has been clear cut and straight to the point. Sometimes Sonic will have a cool-cat smile, sometimes he can be sad or seem frustrated. But honestly these models have what we’ve not seen much of before. The expressiveness of a cartoon. Now what I mean by this is that sometimes cartoons are obviously able to squash and stretch as we’ve seen for many years. And obviously the old Sonic cartoons had this principle illustrated into the show.

But sometimes what 3D TV shows lack is this basic principle and sometimes that’s a money cut (my own hypothesis) or they’re really trying to keep it simple. You’ll mainly see something like that from some of the newer Disney Junior shows, or other 3D shows made for young kids.

Now I’m not saying that they don’t apply this to their shows but to me it doesn’t seem as if it’s there. What I AM saying is that this principle is extremely evident in Sonic Boom, in both body movements and expressions. No more stationary movements, the characters seem to truly flow with the world around them as well as with other characters. Their expressions aren’t stale versions we’ve seen in the past. They literally change and form as you would expect a cartoon characters too. Not only that, but this is evidently seen in the games as well, more so from what I’ve seen in the trailers of Rise of Lyric. Just some images from our most recent update of Sonic Boom to show you the amazing expressions we’ve seen thus far.

And this is probably one of the huge main reasons why I am excited for Sonic Boom, because the characters are so expressive and believable with all the actions and emotions they show that I know they’ll do a fantastic job at leading us through the story of whatever whimsical and winding tale they’re leading us through. Those are my thoughts and opinions and I’ll stick to ‘em thank you~

helpabluehorse  asked:

I have read plenty of comics in which I throw my hands and give up because I get so bored reading all the dialogue they have, but while ask king Sombra is more dialogue orientated then say, action orientated I don't think I've ever felt myself bored reading your comic. Any tips on how to make dialogue heavy sections more engaging, Or at least avoid being frustrating?

Break it up! Personally, I try to avoid giant chunks of dialogue when I can. The worst thing you can do is put a literal paragraph of text in a panel- because people aren’t going to want to read it. Most people tend to skim comics and when there’s a giant section of text, their eyes are like ‘nahhh’

Liiike this is an example of BADNESS:

But then if you break it up… it’s a lot easier to digest!

BUUUUUUUUUUT I’d recommend keeping the text per panel ratio as small as possible. Like, HALF of what’s pictured up there. Then move the other half to a second panel with some slight movement and BOOM it’s even EASIER for people to read and keeps it interesting! YEAHHH

I also try to keep the panel flow visually interesting, even when it’s just two ponies talking. Move around your imaginary camera- imagine your comic is a movie. You’d get bored if someone is delivering a monologue and the camera never cuts away from the same boring medium-close up forevahhh. Personally I try to never stay in the same “shot” for more than 3 panels. Keep it varied, yo! Keeps it interesting.