boom kitty

Boyf Riends; Band-Aids

Michael gets hurt a lot and subsequently has Band-Aids on him at all times. And bit just the regular kind, oh no, he has the rainbow ones with cartoon characters on them. Christine bumps into the walls get a bruise? SpongeBob SquarePants band-aid. Rich cuts his finger? Boom, Hello Kitty band-aid. Jeremy is at all times wearing one of these whether he actually needs one or not and it’s always Scooby Doo while Michael has at least one Shaggy band-aid.

darkhopesandbrightnightmares  asked:

"Pidge get off the Internet" "I am the Internet" "Matt hack your sister and put her in sleep mode" *Panicked Pigeon coos*

Oh my GODS this is EXACTLY what would happen. Matt is probably the only one brave enough to even attempt hacking her and it takes him several tries but he manages and then he only does so to make her SLEEP because she stays up all hours fiddling with the ship controls, which means she turns lights or music on and off if she gets too excited. 

Imagine the food goo machine going crazy when she laughs a little too hard, or the gravity turning off just to tick off Lance, or Red trying to barge into Keith’s room because Pidge had the random thought “do the lions get lonely? Sometimes paladins do” and BOOM HUGE ROBO KITTY THROUGH A WALL.