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Tutor - SEVENTEEN (Joshua)

Pairing: Joshua x Reader (Joshua Pre-Debut)
Genre: Fluff

Summary: You needed a Korean tutor, ASAP and Joshua was willing to teach you.
A/N: I barely started stanning SEVENTEEN so bare with me. ALSO can we please talk about HIGHLIGHT? “I’m like a bird!!”

You were accepted to your dream college, KAIST. It was an international college and had a terrific STEMS program that you wanted to study. You had a full ride, graduating top in your class. You  thought that moving to Korea would be easy. It was one of your biggest dreams and just thinking of living there made your heart flutter. You anticipated the cultural foods and environment. But it wasn’t easy. You hardly knew the language.

Even though you attended an international university. It was hard when you bumped into a local. You found yourself dependent on the foreigner students. Even your roommate was local. She knew english but her accent was bad, you could barely understand what she was saying.

The college obviously offered Korean classes but your tuition didn’t cover that class and you’d have to pay out of pocket. It was very pricey so you had to find an alternative. 

Sunday Morning

“Y/N!” One of your college friends, Emily, also a foreigner, called out to you as soon as you walk out of your dormitory. You hug your body as soon as you came in contact with the harsh cold air. You smile despite how cold it was to even move. “What’s up?”

“Are you busy? Do you have a class?” She had a smile on her face as usual. Her facial expression boosted your mood and you answered, “No. I was going to walk around, get some air.” You both laughed because you knew it was too cold to get air.

“Well I wanted to invite you to have coffee with me and a few friends. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know people.” She shoved her hands in her pocket and you didn’t hesitate to answer. “Sure, why not?”
“Great! Let’s go!” You follow her lead to her car.

Getting to know a variety of people was crucial in college. It was the main aspect.

You and Emily pull up to a very popular cafe and make your way inside. You walk in and you can hear all the chatter and smell the coffee in the air. You were so used to the smell and the taste,you didn’t even want anything.  “There they are!” Emily pointed out a group of people. They were 2 males and a female. You could tell they spoke Korean from their conversation.

You both walk over to the table and you can see familiar faces. Some of them were in some of your classes. “Hey guys, this is Y/N.” Emily points to you. “Anyeonghaseyo!” You politely bow but they giggle playfully, including your friend. “We speak english silly.” One of them said. You blush in embarrassment.
You were so proud of your pronunciation and you were so confident. You wanted to run and hide under your sheets. “I’m sorry.” You look down. “It’s fine, it was cute.” You made eye contact with Joshua. You knew him from your material science class. His IQ was humanly impossible. You never spoke to him but he just complimented you. You glance at him once more before looking away and blushing even harder. 

Emily hints you to take a seat, so you do, across from the people you embarrassed yourself in front of. “This is Vernon, Ji-Hye, and Joshua.” Emily introduced you properly. The smile and you return the gesture. “What do you major in?” Vernon asked. “Material Science.” You answer, avoiding contact with Joshua because you two never spoke in that class. It was awkward to meet outside of school.

“She’s in my material science class.” Joshua smiles at you. You find it only polite to smile back. “That’s cool! How come you guys haven’t properly met then?” Ji-Hye adds which was unfortunately more awkward for you both. You found it only right to be honest and relaxed.

“I was intimidated by your IQ. You always seem busy, so I didn’t think to waste your time.” You answer to Joshua rather than Ji-Hye. Joshua laughs and you weren’t sure if you should too. “Am I really intimidating? I’m sorry.” You laugh as well and feel like weight has been lifted from your shoulders from your confession.

“We were waiting for you guys to come before we ordered. We’re going to order now, do you want anything?” Vernon asked as everyone but you stood. “No thank you.” You couldn’t even look at coffee right now. “I’m good.” Joshua smiled at them and remained seated.

This left you and Joshua at the table alone.

“To be completely honest, I’ve always wanted to talk to you. You seemed so cool when you broke the beaker with that experiment last week.” Joshua brought up your accident you regretted so much. You added too much of chemical and made a slight explosion. You were so embarrassed.

“Oh god, don’t bring that up.” You laugh. “It was hysterical.”

“I never felt more embarrassed in my life.” You shake your head. “So how’s Korea treating you?” He rests his chin on his hands. “It’s great! I just, really struggle with the language. And right now, I can’t afford classes at the university.”

Joshua’s head pops up. “I can teach you! From hangul to everything.” He volunteered himself. “Are you serious? That’d be amazing.” You were happy to finally find an awesome alternative. You’ve always wanted to learn more and you were more than willing to.

“When can we start?” You asked.

“How’s Saturdays at 12?” Joshua questioned. You thought about your schedule before you answered. You had no after life after school. All your classes were on weekdays. “Sounds good! But are you sure it isn’t a bother?” You didn’t want to be a bug to Joshua.

“It’s fine, I promise! I have nothing to do anyways.” He smiles reassuringly. Your friends come back with their drinks and you all become closer over conversation.


It was your last class and it was materials science with Joshua. Your science class this whole week consisted of preparation for an experiment. You were slightly scared because you didn’t want to make a mistake like you did last experiment. “Today we pick partners and we’ll start the first half of the lab. Make sure you pick wisely people.” The professor gave the class some time to choose partners.

Before, you would choose anyone. It didn’t matter. But now that you’ve gotten closer to Joshua, you were hoping he’d ask you first. You didn’t want to force it, make a mistake, and lower his grade in the class.

“You down Y/N?” Joshua looked over to you and it was like he read your mind. You smile an nodded and made your way over to his station. “Are you sure? I might break a beaker again.” You laugh and so did he. “It would at least make this class less boring.”

Your professor went over the safety and procedures. And you paid so much attention because you did’t want to mess anything up.
As soon as the professor finished and left you loose to begin, you were so focused. “You’ll be the script?” Joshua asked. “Sure.” You were relieved you didn’t have to do the mixing and measuring. “Are we still down for tomorrow?” He asked as he prepared the chemicals. “Yes of course. At the same cafe?” You watched him closely. “Yep. 12pm sharp.”


You woke up at 11am, slightly shocked. You knew it took you a long time to get ready. You had showered last night so all you had to do was dress. You couldn’t help but think of this as a date. You felt as if the dress code expectations were high.
You dressed warmly in jeans, a thick oversized sweater, and your favorite combat boots. You loosely curled your hair and applied eye make up and lip gloss.

“Where are you going?” Your roommate asked. “I have tutoring for Korean. We’ll be able to communicate so much.” You smile at her and she returns the gesture.

You check your phone and it was 11:30am. You grabbed your coat and scarf as you bidded your roommate goodbye. You debated if you should walk in the cold or take a bus. Taking the bus or taxi required to speak Korean and you didn’t feel like struggling - so you walked.

You made it to the cafe and you see Joshua waiting for you. It made your heart flutter a little just examining him as he was focused on his phone. You couldn’t feel this way after only a week. It isn’t right.
Him waving to you caused you to snap out of your thought. You smile and walk over to him. You sit next to him and you could see how he came prepared. He brought paperback textbooks and pencils.

“Hey! It’s cold! You should’ve worn a thicker coat!” You look at your coat and you literally picked the thinnest one. “I’m okay.” You take it off and get comfortable. “You really came prepared.”

“Well, I know how you feel. I remember when I came, I was so eager to learn Korean. And these text books are amazing. You’ll be able to speak Korean fluently in no time.” Joshua selects a specific textbook and you push your hair behind your ears, eager to learn.

As Joshua tutored you it was quite fun. He laughed a little when you mispronounced words, or how horrible your handwriting was in hangul. But you actually learned some new things and you enjoyed Joshua as your tutor.

“Okay! I think we did enough for today!” He clapped his hands together. It was  already 2pm. “Wow it’s already two.” You slide your phone back in your pocket and help pick up the clutter on the table. “You can take the text books so you can practice.” Joshua hands you 3 of the books. “Are you sure?” You were surprised, he was even sacrificing his free time to tutor you. “Yeah go ahead. I obviously don’t need them.” He reassured you. “Thank you.”
“We can walk back together since we’re going to the same place.” Joshua stood up and you nod. The walk back was laughter which you needed from soaking in so much information in 2 hours. As soon as you both reach campus, Joshua walked you to your dormitory. You both stopped in front of the doors because boys weren’t allowed in.

“Hey do you want to maybe go get something to eat tonight?” You were taken aback from his question. Was he asking you on a date? You? Joshua who was chased by many girls asked you?

“Sure! What time?” You played it cool.

“Is 7 okay?” He put his hands in his jeans pocket which let you know he was shy. You held in your giggle.

“That sounds good.” You smiled. “Great! I’ll pick you up right here.” Joshua smiled and left you with a problem.

It’d probably take you all day to figure out what to wear. And you’d be itching of curiosity if he asked you out because he’s hungry and want to eat with you, or if he really wants this to be a date.

A/N: Should I make a second part? I see a lot of potential for this storyline (:
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Co-Creator To Publish Modern Day 'Jane Eyre' Graphic Novel
Aline Brosh McKenna, co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada, will publish a graphic novel, Jane, that reimagines Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel Jane Eyr…

Aline Brosh McKenna, co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada, will publish a graphic novel, Jane, that reimagines Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel Jane Eyre, EW can announce exclusively. Jane will be published by Boom! Studios.

Illustrated by Eisner Award winner Ramón K. Pérez, Jane transposes our heroine to the modern era, where she’s an art student who has finally left her small fishing town for the bright lights of New York City. Soon, she realizes that the city and her talented peers are more intimidating than she expected, so Jane gets a nannying job to earn extra money. But the comfort that job provided grows thin when she starts falling for her young charge’s father, Rochester — a wealthy man with a dark secret.


omg jeonghan counts on his fingers to know when to start the choreogtaphy! I’m so hsjdhkjshdks he’s so cute, he need to be protected at all cost <3


UPDATE: Pre-Sale Ticketing Situation

Just a gauge of how the pre-sales went for Party Baby Seoul Boom. This is only open to those who verified their Baby 3 membership on their Interpark accounts between 7 February till 9 February. The pre-sales went on for 4 hours between 8pm to 12midnight on 9 February (today). 

The numbers left must be added up to give the total number of seats left in the quota set aside for pre-sale purchases by Baby 3 members. 

Open sale of the Seoul Boom tickets will happen on Monday, 13 February, on Interpark KR/Global. 

  • It’s unclear whether this is the projected outcome desired by the Boycott Camp or not. 
  • TS still hasn’t given response to the concerns raised by babyz, from both the Boycott Camp and the middle ground camp. 


I am NOT in support of the boycotts – either the (1) Boycott of Seoul Boom only, or (2) Boycott of Seoul Boom and the rest of the world tour – and I am NOT in support of the tiring tour schedules and the lack of proper domestic exposure and promotions for ‘From Noir’. There you go; I hope this is short and sweet enough since many don’t bother reading the detailed exposition of my stance on Twitter. 

Goodnight folks. 



Seems like there are BOTH seats and standing areas. It’s unclear just how many tickets there’ll be for each concert, given that the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall Concert Hall is listed to have either 1700 seats or up to 3000 standing capacity. With both types available for Seoul Boom, perhaps it could be anywhere between 2000~2700…tickets…for each concert…?

Stay tuned for more information. It bursts forth at any time now. Stay on the edge of your seats, babyz.