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INTP's lack of awareness
  • So in my country there are commercials for toothpaste treating sensitive teeth where the person painlessly bites into ice cream to show the toothpaste "fixes" sensitive teeth
  • INTP: I don't get those "sensitive teeth" commercials. Who the heck bites ice cream anyway??
  • ESTP: I know right
  • INTP: I mean really even if you don't have sensitive teeth it hurts
  • ESTP: it doesn't
  • INTP: wait what
  • ENTP: your teeth hurts biting cold stuff?
  • INTP: yes?? I thought it's a normal thing?? How can it not hurt???
  • ENTP: you have sensitive teeth
  • INTP: wait seriously you guys can painlessly bite into icy cold stuff
  • ESTP: well not too cold but ice cream is ok
  • INTP: ??? Seriously????? Ice cream is so cold?????
  • ENTP: you've had sensitive teeth since forever and you don't even know it?
  • INTP: i thought it was normal???!!?!?!!!!?????