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“Murder on the Rockport Limited” is a Rich and Undervalued Arc in the Adventure Zone.

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Very interesting fact of the day : 

While having my IV injections today at the hospital , on TV there was a documentary upon the scientific explanations of ghosts/poltergeist/unexplained sensory phenomenon  ( very very well researched and explained, most of the “ghosts” stories were found out to have a perfectly logical cause and most things were demented.)

but at one point during it , they mentioned they were doing a specific research concerning teenagers , because it was something often found in their “ phenomenon that are reported but not explained yet”  that a teen undergoing emotional turmoil will often have a surrounding who experience unnatural phenomenon like floor banging/knocking sound/moving objects/etc… so they are hypothesizing that some Teens may release unknown energy instead of physically releasing it ( punching walls,screaming,etc…).


I ain’t saying psychic teenagers is actually even considered in scientific studies.

…but it’s actually considered.