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Ten Sonic Characters that Can Have the Boom Treatment

I’ll be sharing ten Sonic characters that would make a neat addition to the Sonic Boom spinoff. After my list, feel free to share your ideas and explain down below!

Okay, let’s begin!

Espio the Chameleon

The skilled ninja in Team Chaotix with the voice of reason.

In Sonic Boom, he along with his two teammates will be ninja pirates seeking treasure.

Espio in Boom will be the very serious type while enthusiastic about a challenge yet cautious about the safety of his teammates. Rather put himself in the line of battle.

He soon fights Sonic at a fighting tournament.

Vector the Crocodile

The leader of the Chaotix Ninja Pirates in Sonic Boom!

Vector loves treasure, and will go on great adventures on his big pirate ship to find the gold across the world.

Knuckles forgot about Vector long ago, making Vector doing his very best to make Knuckles remember his long lost friend. Tough, strong, and clumsy; Vector may be greedy, but he can share the precious loot with his team.

Charmy the Bee

The charming and ever so enthusiastic bee!

In Sonic Boom, he’s the ninja pirate that wears goggles,

Always so curious and sometimes a loss for common sense, Charmy thought Tails was his long lost big brother because of the goggles.

Charmy loves flowers! Would pick the right flowers for their ninja powder.

He loves to sing and encourages Espio & Vector to sing while sailing.

Blaze the Cat

The princess from a different planet.

In Sonic Boom, she wears seven small gems similar to the sol emeralds. She is the princess of another planet that crash-landed in Sonic’s world.

Leaving her ship behind, she was treated like a queen by the people.

After defeating Robotnik, she wants a bigger challenge which is going back home so she can tell her people that they are not alone.

Cream the Rabbit

The sweet and kind rabbit.

Cream in Sonic Boom would be interesting. No chao, no mom; just her.

In the Boom spinoff, Tails found her picking flowers, and thus began their close friendship when Cream gave Tails a hat with flowers on it. Cream then shares her interests with robots and animals; she wants metal and nature to be friends.

Tails and his pals help Cream build a new home.

Big the Cat

The purple cat.

In Sonic Boom, he will be tall and thin! A dramatic change in design, but keeps the name for how tall he can be.

Loves to fish alone because of how people would tease him about his height. Got his best friend, Froggy by his side and even raised Cream to be independent. He’s slow at coming up with words, but he’s not dumb, just not good at being social at times.

Rouge the Bat

The jewel lover!

Espio’s arch nemesis for her love of treasure too, Rouge is a thief that occasionally get’s thrown in prison and manages to escape every time. Alongside with being edgy as Shadow, she rather do things on her own; though coincidentally meeting up with him and even Sonic and his pals from time to time.

While working out, Knuckles saw her flying and fell in love.


The ultimate robot!

In Sonic Boom, OMEGA grew extremely jealous of Metal Sonic and goes on a mission to destroy him. He even confused the real sonic for Metal but not Shadow because of his black and red fur.

A complicated robot, he either wants to fight with Robotnik or with Cream that accepted him for who he is. When shutdown, Rouge infiltrates Robotnik’s base to wake him up.

Tikal the Echidna

The crystal guardian.

After the defeat of Lyric, an unknown echidna from a different part of the globe collects all of the crystals and guards them. Team Sonic (and friends) noticed the crystals went missing and searched for them leading to Tikal.

Knuckles saw her as a family member and became extremely curious about her. He then shows her how to have fun and relax outside the gates.

Silver the Hedgehog

Time traveler.

Silver is the hedgehog from the future. In his future in Sonic Boom, he is teamed up with a fox, an echidna, and a porcupine; similar to Sonic’s team of four.

When there’s a problem in his time, he would travel back in time to fix it; like convincing the mayor to build more fast food drive-ins.

Amy becomes fascinated about him and the future; and wants to help mold it.

Tyler McNamer™