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[붐붐SERIES] RoboticsGenius!Minghao (G)

Prompt: When stoic robotics prodigy Minghao has one day left to make his feelings known
Word Count: 1,672
Genre: Slight fluff, slight romance
Warnings: None

A/N: Our second instalment of the Boom Boom short story series, featuring our drone pilot Minghao! I was pretty amused by how deadpanned he looked throughout the music video, so I incorporated that into his fictional character. Hope you like it! Our next featured member will likely be Seungchul, so do look out for that too!


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If one were to take a look into Minghao’s mind on any given day, it would always yield the same result: nothing but an endless flow of mathematical equations, physics formulas and robotics blueprints. Because that’s who he is.  

For as long as he can remember, he has been devoted to the field of science. A prodigy from birth, he had been completely infatuated with robotics, drones being his specialty. He was always trying to exceed his own limits and he went as far as travelling to a whole other country to further his studies and truly reach his full potential.

That’s why he had been more than surprised to find himself caught in the middle of a top secret crime organization, responsible for operating the gadgets and gizmos that would help them advance in missions. While his devotion to his profession had prevented him from forging anything outside superficial relationships, he isn’t complaining; as long as he’s able to be around what he likes.

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In another life, he and the kid would have never met.

He thinks about that sometimes watching his boy walk from one end of the Sanctuary to the other, maintaining order among the Saviors as he’s been doing since he took his place at Negan’s right hand, Lucille as a warning over his shoulder. Kid would’ve grown up in Atlanta, or wherever the fuck his family’s from. Gone to the public schools there and briefly resented his dad for being a police officer, tried out for soccer or some other generic sport his thin waif of a body could handle. One of the only things Negan knows about Carl’s mom, now, still, three months into knowing him, is that she was the only one adamant about his hair being cut, so it’s entirely probable he wouldn’t have the tail, either. Top in all his classes. Whip-smart kid like him, except for that rebellious teenage phase they all go through. Taken a girl to prom, flower in his jacket, big smiles for the camera. Meanwhile Negan would’ve stayed up here, in Virginia, with his wife and any children they might’ve had if the fucking—if what happened hadn’t happened, and coached baseball to those ungrateful shits at the high school, and never known Carl at all.

It wouldn’t have mattered to him, had the apocalypse not happened. He wouldn’t have even known some kid named Carl Grimes existed. But here they are, now, together, and Negan hasn’t felt lucky about anything in a long damn time—

But how great a life would that other one have been, really, with the fucking paycheck and the car note and Carl living over two hundred fucking miles away?

As though sensing he’s being thought of Carl shifts in Negan’s arms, waking. It’s the earliest hours of the morning, no one’s up yet except Negan, who doesn’t sleep much as it is, and probably fuckin’ Fat Joseph, who for whatever reason still lives on pre-apocalypse all-nighter-video-game time. The sky outside the window has just started to lighten and in the soft lilacs and lavenders Negan can just see Carl’s face as he rolls over, opening his eye for a brief moment like he’s checking something before shutting it again and burrowing down against Negan’s chest and into his neck. Small soft lithe perfect thing that he is.

Negan tightens his fingers on the small of Carl’s back. Closes his eyes. It’s rough out there, fucking impossible to live without constantly looking over your shoulder, fucking impossible to trust anyone anymore, but even so he’ll be damned before he’ll ever let this go.

In Last Two Days, Two Great Artists from Anime Industry Have Passed Away

You probably didn’t know who Kazunari Tanaka was. However, if we said that he voiced Keishin Ukai from Haikyuu!!, Hachimaki from Planets and Shinichiro Tamaki from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion you would definitely realize how important his role in anime industry was.

Kazunari Tanaka has passed away at age of 49 from a hemorrhage in his brain stem, as reported by his Talent agency Aoni Production and Yaraon.

Michiyuki Kawashima was a vocalist and guitarist for the band called Boom Boom Satellites. According to the Boom Boom Satellites official website, Kawashima passed away on October 9th at 5:12 AM.

The 47-year-old former electronic music performer was battling a fourth relapse of his brain tumors, which were discovered in late December 2012.

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