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Imagine a buddy cop AU in a mundane setting. Bruce is experienced in the service, spent his entire childhood just to pursue the police career and was the youngest to become an officer in department history. Few years later Clark, the rookie, is pushed to him as his partner and for Bruce to "show him the ropes." In truth the Commissioner assigned Clark purely to make Bruce stop pushing the limits repeatedly, to slow him down, and Bruce knows this full well.

And instead of slowing Bruce down, Clark only serves to make him push harder because he’s such a fast learner and is as passionate about justice as Bruce is, but the thing is, Clark is the one to clean up his wounds, make sure he’s eating and drinking regularly, actually listening to what Bruce has to say (though often disagreeing) while they’re spending hours together on a stake-out . Even going so far as to take a bullet for Bruce because he knows how important his legacy is for the city and it can’t be done without Bruce.

And in the hospital Bruce comes down on Clark like a ton of bricks for putting himself in harm’s way, and he grabs Clark’s hand and presses his mouth to the knuckles and trembles because he almost lost his rookie partner and Clark just smiles brightly and says he would do it over and over for him. 


#Fireworks display from last night~ 💥🎉💥'MURICA 🇺🇸 #boom

So a musician friend of mine is also a guitar tech for hire part of the time. He’s traveled around the world working with some of our friends bands or other bands. I’ve never been jealous of his travels until this moment, mostly because when touring, you never really get to see much anyway. You’re typically always on the road or in a venue. I’ve experienced that before, and sure, it’s fun, but it’s not like you’re really sightseeing or anything. So anyway, I’m not jealous because of who he’s teching for, but because he got to go to Hawaii for 5 days, only one of which he’ll actually be working a gig. The gig, which is the best part, was a concert held yesterday near Pearl Harbor performing for the troops stationed in Hawaii. It looked friggin dope as hell. And of course regular fireworks won’t cut it, so they were firing off ant-aircraft cannons. I would have loved to have been there. And, I mean, HAWAII!

Lucky bastard


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