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Let's Crash (One Shot #9)

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NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. 

As the season was coming slowly to a close and Finals creeping up faster then fog moves you didn’t see your boyfriend as much as you would have liked. Short phone calls were shared when he had breaks from training and you made sure to text him at your lunch break from work. 

Not seeing one another was putting a strain on the relationship, since you were the one that usually kept Harry grounded. Just the other day you had gotten a call from Coach saying Harry was breaking down and going off on everyone and everything.  

This past phone call the two of you had shared was terse and you could tell he was overly stressed. On top of everything you and he had to worry about a confrontation that by Pierre, his old opponent; Pierre would be the one Harry would fight in the Finals and Harry said he wanted vengeance and if he had to he would come to get it. 


You had decided to not go into work today and go watch Harry train instead. Last night had been the last straw and you broke down to Harry over the phone and he came straight by.

Pierre thought it would be a wonderful idea to send you a gift that wasn’t at all the best one you have received. 


“Yes we have a delivery for a Ms. Y/L/N.” The young woman asked you as you had opened the door for her. In her hands was a large box and next to her was a little boy holding a bouquet of flowers. 

“That would be me,” you said unsure of the sender. Harry would have delivered the flowers but with him never having time it wouldn’t surprise you if he had them delivered. 

“Great, have a good one.” She gave you a smile and the little boy placed the bouquet down before following the woman. Something about the whole situation was off and you decided to call Harry as you opened the box. 

“Hey baby,” he answered tiredly. 

“Hey you didn’t have to get me anything,” you said as you tore the paper off of the large box. 

“I didn’t get you anything what are you talking about?” He asked you curiously.

“Some woman just dropped off flowers and a box, I assumed it was from you since they are my favorite flowers.” 

“Don’t open the box Y/N!” Harry yelled but it was too late the box tipped over to the floor and a bunch of snakes came slithering out. You screamed and jumped onto the table; you were still screaming as one of them stayed onto the table. It moved towards you at an alarming fast pace and you stood shock still, paralyzed with fear. You took the vase of flowers next to you and threw it at the animal, successfully knocking it off of the table and to the flow with the dozen of others. 

You phone had laid forgotten on the floor and you could hear someone, presumably Harry yelling something on the other end. 

All of the snakes stayed together as moved around the expanse of your floor. As you were trying to figure out a way to get your phone Harry burst through the door with Dax right behind him. 

“Watch out!” You cried to them as they noticed all of the snakes on the ground. Dax looked disgusted and Harry looked angry. 

“They aren’t poisonous, they are garden snakes.” He spat as he stepped on one with his boot. “Dax started collecting them and get them the hell out of here.” Dax nodded and picked up the forgotten box on the ground, before moving to the kitchen to get something to pick them up with. 

“Come here baby they won’t get you,” Harry stood in front of you as sat on the table before throwing yourself into his arms. He carried you chimpanzee style and you buried your face in his neck. 

“It was him wasn’t it?” Your voice was muffled as you spoke to him. 

“Yes it was.” You could feel the anger radiate from his voice but from the way his body was tensed you could tell he wanted to take action right away. You clung to high tighter and cried silently into him; you had thought that seeing him for the first time in a few weeks would be better but here you were. 

“What are you going to do? If you go after him you’ll get disqualified you know.” You pulled away from him and looked at his face. 

“Don’t worry about what I’m going to do, just know he’ll get the point that he should never screw with what’s mine.” He kissed your forehead and placed you down before checking to see if it was okay. 

“I love you,” you told him sincerely. A smile overtook his face as he repeated it back to you. 

“I love you.” 

~End of Flashback~

“So I’ve been thinking about something,” Harry said to you as you came back to the training gym with both of your lunch in your hands. 

“Oh and that would be?” You asked him as you dug into your container of chicken from the Chinese place just next store. 

“Let’s crash.” You looked over to him with a confused expression. 

“What does that mean? You want me to crash into you?” You giggled as he laughed loudly. He took your container from you as well as placing his down; he got up from next to before moving to stand in front of you. 

“By saying let’s crash, I mean let’s move in together, or more like you move in with me. I want you there all the time and that way I know you are safe. It’s a bonus being able to go to bed next to you and waking up there too.” He took up your hands and moved them playfully. You were ecstatic that he had asked you but you decided to play with him. 

“I’m not too sure, I mean what if I don’t like the way you put your toothbrush or something. I’m very orderly,” you smiled at him. 

“By all means I give you permission to place my things however you would like.” You nodded at him and pretended to ponder what he said. 

“After much deliberation I have decided that yes I want to crash with you.” He smiled widely and picked you up, spinning you around. 

“Thank you,” he said as he ducked your head and kissed you passionately. You closed your eyes and lost yourself in the kiss, feeling bubbly inside. You would get to wake up to him and go to bed with him, nothing sounded better than that. 

“You know this is going to a first for me, I’ve never lived with a boy before,” you told him. 

“A first for me as well. Look at us breaking a first together.” 

“Honestly I wouldn’t mind if I broke more firsts with you,” you placed your hands on his chest and gazed up at him. A smirk made its way to face as his eyes caught yours. 

“Nor would I, and we have many firsts to break. Speaking of the word break mine is up, when I’m finished up we’ll go to your place and start getting things together. I love you,” he said as he walked backwards still talking to you. 

“Love you too my roommate.” A booming laugh made its way past his lips and he jumped back into the ring and threw himself back into training. 

Thinking about it more as the day progressed you definitely didn’t mind crashing with him.

To refresh who Pierre is he is talked about in Warnings.

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Thunderstorms with Luke

A/N: hello everybody!!! it’s been such a long time since i’ve written or done anything so……. here you go!! i hope you enjoy it a lot, and if you want to request anything (from AUs to imagines to preferences to anything else), please do so here!!!! 8) p.s. it was 3am so mistakes are inevitable 

The thunderstorm was said to be strong, but you didn’t expect it to be this powerful. Trees were shaking violently just outside your bedroom window, and the winds were howling like wolves. It didn’t bother you as much, though, since you were wonderfully bundled up inside with all your favourite movies laid out in front of you. If your movie plans were going to be cancelled, then why not bring the movies to you? 

Just before you took your pick, your phone started to ring like crazy. “Luke?,” you spoke into the receiver. “Hi… Hi, Y/N,” Luke’s seemingly trembling voice answered, making you very concerned.

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