Luigi’s partners during Paper Mario: The thousand year door.

Blooey -is Luigi’s first ally. He is met while Luigi travels on Rumblebump Volcano, but he is dropped in and fried to a crisp.

Jerry - is the ally Luigi met on his way to Plumpbelly Village. He follows Luigi in order to prevent him dressing as a bride ever again.

Torque - is Luigi’s third ally. He joined Luigi after winning a race on Circuit Break Island. He follows Luigi to get his money back from the broken cars.

Hayzee - is a play director, who joined Luigi when he played the role of grass in one of his plays.

IceCreamSpania - is a Spania with the design of an Ice Cream cone. She met Luigi when he came to the frozen tundra of Frazo.

Screamy - joined Luigi in Rapturous Ruins, just because he was delivering something…  

AH Pun Fest!

Achievement Hunter plays baseball.
Achievement Bunter.

Jack wears a beanie.
Jack Hattillo.

Ray runs three miles.
Ray Farvaez Jr.

Ryan goes to California.
Ryan Baywood.

Michael becomes a skeleton.
Michael Bones.

Gavin disturbs a nest.
Gavin Bee.

Lindsay gets annoyed.
Lindsay Groans.

Kdin finds a chicken.
Kdin Henzen.

Matt dries dishes.
Matt Rag.

Jeremy dresses up as a ghost.
Jeremy Booley.

Geoff quickly does a lot of studying.
Geoff Cramsey.

Caleb is half horse.
Caleb Centaur.