I’m not sure if you all know about it, but there’s this app called Libib and it’s basically your portable library database. 

Have you ever gone to the bookstore and you’re staring at a book thinking: Do I already own this? DO I HAVE THIS BOOK? IS THIS THE ONE I’M MISSING FOR THE *INSERT NAME* SERIES?? 

Well, Libib solves that. Using your phone’s camera, all you need to do is “hover” over the ISBN number and within a second DONE. It takes literally 2 seconds to catalog a book. 

You can also give books ratings, write notes, write reviews, give it tags, Give it a Status: as in (not started, in progress, abandoned, completed) and other things! Also you can add friends and see their library as well! 

***Yes I know there’s goodreads but like you have to search the book then click the little dropdown menu and click “read” *sigh*…..In that same amount of time I could’ve already added 15 books to libib.****

It’s really a time saver and makes life so much easier. 

Being semi-divorced from my bookworm world last year did not in any way diminish my love for literature; what it did reduce, obviously, is the chunk of time I used to allot for reading. That said, 2015 is not exactly as awash with several reads as the previous years. Luckily, I still managed to stumble upon a few titles that I will not trade for several hundred mediocre books.

Without further ado, here are my top “unputdownable” lit picks in 2015 in no particular order:

Check out my lists of top lit picks for the previous years:

*reviews to follow

Happy New Year, bookworms! I hope you find tomes and tomes of wonderful tales this year and, as always, don’t forget to share your love for them!

There’s this bookshop. When you see it, it looks just like any plain old shop. But the moment you enter it, you are greeted by the familiar scent of mysterious books. Then you go down, passing posters, leaflets and bottled accessories and see a maze of books. Everywhere. It’s an adventure in itself..almost like there’s unseen magic at play. And that’s how you know, happiness is free. 📚