The Biblio-Mat

Remember the crank machines from your childhood that would spit out a plastic ball containing a mystery prize in exchange for a quarter? An antique bookstore in Canada, known as The Monkey’s Paw, has created the grown up, book lover’s version of the mystery prize machine! Priding themselves on helping you find “the book you didn’t know you were looking for,” The Monkey’s Paw houses the one of a kind Biblio-Mat!

The Biblio-Mat is the world’s first randomizing vending machine for old books! Simply put two dollars into the money slot and the machine whirs to life. With the ring of an old telephone bell, a mystery book drops down and provides the satisfied customer with an extraordinary book! 

Designed by Craig Small, the Biblio-Mat is a creative and artfully tasteful way to sell books at a discounted price in order to make room for new ones (or “newish” ones since The Monkey’s Paw doesn’t sell anything published after 1980).

This alone is enough reason to visit Canada!

Click the picture below to see a video on how the Biblio-Mat works!