You ran into booksxtechno

Room number 3’s door wasn’t locked, but Lebreau thought it was best to knock anyway. “Hello, I’m comin’ in~” she called out in a sing-song tone, nudging the door open and then poking her head in. “Anyone here— oh!”

She gave a little wave at the blonde inside the room, “Hey there, roomie! Y’must be Miss Trepe, nice t’meetcha! Call me Lebreau.”

booksxtechno started following you

—- ♛ —- 

            ( Oh, boy, here we go..  Where are all the hot babes at? )

            “Yo, I’m kinda new here, he paused, flashing a fake smile. Now, I know what you’re thinking, right? Yes, you’re probably right, I am a pompous jerk. Tell me, where can I find…

           He eyed her from head to toe. —More females?


I need to stop being such a worry-wart.

[And bless your kind, beautiful heart, Quistis. ;A;]

((Just in case pocketmonsterbreeders and wandereroftime or anyone else wanted to check on how she’s doing with the eggs, hehe. Breau’s really trying hard okay [maybe a little too hard? Haha]. She’s such a big mother hen. XD;;))