nbs deserve representation

we deserve to see ourselves in books

we deserve to see ourselves in movies

we deserve to see ourselves on tv

nonbinary people deserve to see ourselves and our identities represented in the media we consume. we deserve to have hearing the name of our identities be a common occurrence, not a rarity. we deserve to have our identities normalized in fiction and reality.

nbs deserve representation

We thought we’d make a nice positive post today about some SPN Artbook facts and figures :)

So far…

  • we have 168 contributing artists taking part in the project
  • we have 395 followers
  • we have the support of hundreds of you amazing people in creating this book
  • we have decided upon a cover design for the book
  • we have found a printing company to produce the books
  • we have found a lovely artist who will help us design the book
  • we have decided upon the specifications of the book

Thank you for your continued support :) xxx

anonymous asked:

i saw an ask you answered with a list of NA books that don't include sex scenes, do you have recs of NA books that do?

Hi there, lovely nonny!

Sure! Pretty much all New Adult books feature sex in some way whether it’s subtle or not, but here are some books that just happen to have a couple or more sex scenes ;)

* the first book is way more tame than the rest of the books

We hope this helps and happy reading!

Fizzle Reads Family.

reasons why i love the show shadowhunters in concerns of malec

  • they are treating alexander so nicely
  • magnus bane is a king
  • we will get to see the first date
  • the first kiss
  • alec probably falling down the stairs after magnus makes him all floosey
  • again: they are treating alexander’s character development so fucking beautifully like i lowkey prefer the way the show is writing him and giving him attention he has got more attention in four episodes then he got in all the books
  • we will hopefully get to see a very intense make out sex scene i am not even lowkey i really really wanna see that
  • also we can see them holding hands
  • long talks about jace’s stupidity that i love so much
  • alec with his head on magnus lap
  • alec with chairman meow
  • magnus staring at his boyfriend because he cant believe he’s lucky
  • also like im so grateful matt and harry are playing them theyre so good to these characters bye