bookstore the last bookstore

anonymous asked: zutara bookstore au? maybe something cute and fluffy? i am such a book nerd, anon, so i find this particularly cute sdkfjlsdfl but this one is lame because it’s really early in the morning. also try not to judge my book choices, skldjflkjsdf /runs away

It had been entirely unintentional.

Yet Zuko found himself staring at the curly script in the front cover of his book, completely surprised. His face crumples almost instantly, and he swears under his breath. This is the casualty of doing his uncle’s errands for the week — the casualty being that Iroh meddles far too much in Zuko’s life to be healthy.

And even still, he finds himself curious, so he heeds the curly script when he shows up at the bookstore, holding the copy of When You Are Engulfed In Flames that he’d only half-read, too distracted by the words written inside. He peels back the cover to peek at the numbers — he thinks they’re part of the dewey decimal system, but he also thinks about how many times he’d fallen asleep in the library and strikes that idea from his head.

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