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hi pauline, I was just wondering if you have any places in edinburgh you find particularly interesting/enjoyable/that you'd recommend to someone visiting there? I'll be there for 4 days with a friend, and we're trying to make the most of our visit. (also I hope you're enjoying the ma and living there, and apologies if this has already been asked!)

Hey love, sorry for my late reply! 

First things first, I have to say that I’m still pretty much a tourist in the city, and that I keep to the old part of town anyway, which might make things a bit boring for you. But here are the things I like doing best here:

Walk the Royal Mile up and down over and over again. It’s terribly cliché, but it’s such a lovely street, cobble-stoned, full of overpriced, archetypal scottish products, but resonating with the song of bagpipes, buoyant with street artists, surrounded by old, tilting houses, peppered with fairy lights; at the top, you enter a strange, time-travelesque, gothic slope that will bring you up to the castle, which is absolutely a must see. You can stay within the castle walls for hours on end—magnificent view, multiple museums and chapels, stony benches, a strange step in the Middle-Ages.

Tour the university campus—there, you’ll find Walter Scott’s house, the beautiful Old College buildings, the modern Library and its art collections. In the Student’s Union House, you’ll be able to take a drink and walk through rooms upon rooms of comfortable armchairs, hushed whispers and loud laughters, impressive ballrooms and tiny writing offices. Down the Middle Meadow Walk, you’ll find a large, green park too. 

Really, it’s a strangely scaled city: it feels like an out-of-time town, small and twisty and labyrinthine, yet it’s the capital, full of historic sites and cultural spots. 

St. Giles Cathedral is exquisite, and solemn, and full of hushed light; of course the National Gallery is lovely if you’re interested in British art, but my favourite is the National Museum, which is a wonderful bric-à-brac of knowledge and playful activities and delightful treasures. There you’ll find fashion designs as well as medieval war weapons, dinosaur skeletons and Art Deco tapestries, the Lewis Chessmen, and even space stones. The National Library is worth a short visit, with its whacky museum and a bunch of beautiful maps and books. Grab a coffee in the charity coffee-shop of the Storytelling Centre, enjoy the view of its lush, secret garden, and its folktales bookstore. Near it, you’ll find my favourite jewellery shop, full of Scottish stones, Highland Gems. I also love to walk in the Greyfriars and the St. Cuthbert cemeteries, which are gothic and yet full of whimsical life stories, ornate benches, strange, twisted trees; and of course, try and go climb Arthur’s Seat—the climb is painful and the view is spectacular, and it’s so strange to see this ragged, wonderful, green, ocre, beautiful hill in the corner of your eye, wherever you are, alien in the center of the city. 

The light, here, anyway… The light on Arthur’s Seat, on Calton Hill (another nice climb!), on the Castle; rich and golden and extraordinary.

In Grassmarket, you’ll find Armstrong Vintage store, which I recommend wholeheartedly, especially if you want a Scottish wool cardigan for an affordable price, or even just to take a look at the ancient ecclesiastical and victorian garments hanging from the ceiling. There’s also this wonderful shop with a lot of dinosaur’s bones, fossils and star stones, Mr. Wood’s Fossils. From there and up to Westport, you’ll find Mary’s Milk Bar (great ice-cream), cute antique shops, bookstores, and the Art Library.

Now for my favourite bookstores, I’d recommend you go to Armchair Books (the absolute best, a twisting labyrinth of new and second-hand books, with a great antique section); Southside Books; Waterstones on Prince’s Street, where you’ll find beautiful modern editions and will be able to get some great coffee/tea and nice gluten free (or not) cakes; the OldTown bookshop, where victorian copies neighbour old maps and antique drawings of the old Edinburgh, and which is incidentally located on the lovely Victoria Street; and of course Blackwells, which features a very cool Harry Potter window. 

Now for the real Tourist Experience, I do recommend you take one or two of Edinburgh’s walking tours, because they’re wonderful. One of them would be the writer’s museum book-lover tour, which starts at the museum (very small, but super nice, with a lot of Scottish’s writers memorabilia) and takes you around Old Town—to the university where Conan Doyle studied, the hospital where J. M. Barrie invented Wendy, wrecking the myth of J. K. R’s Elephant House (Harry Potter was NOT written there!), etc. The other tours I’d recommend are the ghost tours (usually guides dress up and play morbid jokes on your group, and it’s a very fun way of learning about the actual old Edinburgh) and the underground tours (the underground city being full of morbid legends, spooky closes, twists and turns). 

Here you go, it’s mostly stuff you can find online, I’m afraid, but I hope you have fun!
Written in the Stars: January Book Horoscopes from the Astro Poets
Happy New Year, Lovers! It’s hard to believe but it’s January 2017. We are the Astro Poets and we want you to remember to turn to poetry... Art by Alison George.
By Strand Book Store
Love Yourself // Tom Holland (Part 4)

Pairings: Tom Holland + Reader (Y/N)

Description: Reader is fed up with Tom not expressing any feelings toward her, so she makes a move (with Ivy’s persistence).

Warnings: THIS IS THE LAST PART! Send me requests for something else! Hope you liked this mini series. :)

“It’s been three months, Ivy! Tom and I have been ‘hanging out’ for three freaking months!” She sighed heavily before shrugging her shoulders. I puffed my cheeks up for four seconds before letting all the air out. Tom and I have been together any time we can fit for the past three months. We would spend his breaks together at the coffee shop, he would come and “shop” at the grocery store I worked at. He would drag me to his favorite bookstores and recommend me his absolute favorites and I would drag him into my favorite antique shops and we’d walk out with a matching set of anything.

“Why don’t you just ask him out?”

“Because he obviously doesn’t want to go out with me. He wants to be friends. I’m such an idiot. I let myself like someone enough to hurt me knowing they don’t feel the same way.”

“But you don’t know that! You’re psyching yourself out.” Before I could say anything back, Ivy’s phone went off. We both sighed as she answered it. The conversation was short but I hadn’t listened to any of it. Instead I let my mind wander to three days ago when Tom took me up to the observatory. He said it gave him peace of mind knowing there was a place to go just to look at the stars. He said it was his sanctuary and he never felt comfortable bringing people who he knew wouldn’t appreciate it.

“I knew you’d appreciate it, though. Someone who resembles a form of art so expertly must love art itself, right?”

I smiled then and I’m smiling now just thinking about him thinking I’m as beautiful as art. How funny, isn’t it? Something that seemed so repetitive to you can now sound like a beautiful sonnet.

“That was Claire. She needs me to pick up someone’s shift at the store.” I sighed before letting my head hang. “Go talk to Tom, I know it’s almost his break. You usually leave around this time, anyway. You need to clear this up, if not for him then for yourself. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” She side hugged me and then grabbed her person on her way to the door. She reached for the doorknob but then turned to face me again, “If it’s any consolation, I love you. Good luck!” I smiled at her as she left with a small wave.

It was now or never.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Tom smiled at me from behind the counter. I smiled and gave him a small wave. “I’ll be at our table in about two minutes, okay? Want something?” I shook my head and walked toward the table, ignoring his concern look toward my lack of words.

I looked out the window. The whole drive over here I rehearsed what I was going to say. I completely blanked out when I saw him smile at me. He was so innocent, so pure. I wanted to just consume him with every emotion I felt and hope he’d want to leave himself open to me. The past three months have been everything that I never had with Jeff in six years. He supported me when I needed him to get over Jeff, he encouraged me to get back into writing and he had just always been available to me whenever I needed to talk to someone at four in the morning. He had just been so easy to love.

“Alright, what’s up with you?” I was snapped back into reality as he sat down. “Why are you so quiet?”

“I – No, I’m just – God, Tom.” I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. I needed to tell him, but every fear I had of being rejected came flooding in. I couldn’t go through this again, I couldn’t fathom the fact that I wasn’t good enough for Tom, too.

“(Y/N),” he took my hand from across the table, “you can tell me anything, love.”

“Tom, I just… I’m afraid.”

He looked taken aback by this. His eyebrows pulled in together as his grip on my hands tightened. “Afraid of what?”

“Afraid of how you’ll react. Afraid you may not want to talk to me,” my voice grew lower as reality started to be clearer, “afraid I won’t be enough for you.” My voice had lulled to a dull whisper now.

“Afraid you’ll – what?” I looked up to see the shock written in his face. His hands released mine and it took every fiber in me not to reach out to grasp them again and beg him not to let them go. “Are you really that oblivious?” It was my turn to wear his confused expression. “We never agree on anything do we?” I shrugged.

“What are you talking about?”

“For god sakes,” he rubbed his eyes toughly before continuing. “We can never agree on a movie, a TV show, we can never agree on where to eat lunch. You hate the color blue and I hate the way vanilla smells. You don’t like anything green in your food while I can’t stand eating only fruit at least once a day. We don’t have anything in common!”

My head hung at this. This was it. This was him ridiculing me for thinking we could ever be anything other than friends. I love everything he despises and vice-versa. God, I wish I could just –

“But, God, please,” he continued, his hands returning to mine. “Love yourself so we have something in common.”

My head shot up to look at him, my eyes wide, “What?”

“I love you. I want you to love all of you the way that I do. I hate vanilla but I would bathe in it just to see you relax in its smell, I’d rid everything of blue and decorate my life in lilac just to see you happy in its presence.”

“Tom, I –,” I didn’t know what to say. So, I leaned over the table beckoning him with my finger to which he smiled lightly and leaned in as well. “Tom,” my voice was at a whisper.

“What is it?” His hand came up to caress my cheek, his face inching closer.

“I would wash away all my insecurities if it meant you were to love me a lifetime. God, I love you.”



“Can I get that kiss now?”

I responded by finally pressing my lips against his. His top lip tapped between both of mine as his hand still held my cheek.

This is what it means to love yourself: providing yourself with the love you know you deserve.

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Hansol As Your Boyfriend

What Would Hansol Be Like As Your Boyfriend

  • At the beginning of dating you he will seem pretty serious
  • Kind of like he is doing things on a check list
  • He kinda is
  • Because his friend Johnny Seo told him some tips to get girls
  • And of course, Hansol listened
  • And now you’re a bit concerned as to why he is talking about memes but it’s okay because he is cute
  • Also tall
  • You were a little bit surprised to find out he doesn’t wear lifts either
  • When you guys continue dating, though, he is a lot less serious and more him
  • Which makes you glad you stuck with him even though he brought up pepe  the frog on the first date
  • Also on the first date he was wearing a green sweat shirt and it was a very familiar green
  • And in a bit of awkward silence (before pepe) he told you how his friend Johnny said not the wear the sweater because it made him look like Kermit the frog
  • So you reassured him that he didn’t look like Kermit, and he looked really nice
  • But he found out months later that his name was saved in your ohone as Kermit for that reason
  • Kissing would be a little bit later than it was with Taeil
  • Hansol would probably wait 3-4 weeks
  • Not because he wanted to
  • But because every time he tried to kiss you, you’d move
  • But it was because you didn’t notice
  • So he persisted, albeit shyly
  • And what should have happened on the third date happened on the tenth
  • Dates with you guys consisted of movies at the beginning
  • But then it turned into going to the bookstore together and recommending each other books
  • And soon you both would go to each other for recommendations on practically anything
  • Because you were from a different world to him and you know all of the good things
  • Shopping together was a very common occurrence
  • You guys definitely bought couple sweaters
  • They were green
  • You’d probably meet the members as you went in to the practice studio because he forgot his lunch
  • They were all pretty confused at first
  • Because he never really showed pictures of you to the other guys
  • It wasn’t because he didn’t think you were cute
  • But it was because you were his secret and he wanted to hold you as close as possible before the whirlwind of questions from his members came in
  • And they did
  • All from questions like “when did you guys first kiss?”
  • To “what is he like in bed?”
  • Followed by Johnny slapping Ten because wow
  • He would take a lot of pictures of you
  • He thought you were the most beautiful when you were doing things naturally
  • When you guys first slept in the same bed, he cuddled you
  • You guys definitely cuddled before (under the watchful eyes of Johnny and Yuta on one of the dorms movie nights)
  • And so he took over the big spoon naturally
  • Because he liked feeling like he could protect you from everything bad in the world
  • Because you’re his everything and he doesn’t want to lose you
  • So you’d basically live around the dorms with them when Hansol wasn’t practicing
  • Because dates outside were impractical due to fans
  • So everyone would get used to having you around
  • And they’d be pretty surprised if you weren’t there tbh
  • The members easily accepted you as well
  • Often thinking of you as one of the team
  • So what I’m saying is Hansol is a cute bean who is a bit shy and serious about you, and he values your opinions. He really cares for you, and trusts you immensely. Don’t break his heart, sunshine.
How James Potter Got Coffee With His Favorite Author

Jily, “I’m an author who just published my first book and you work at a bookstore and recommend my own book to me when I come in” au

“James are you crying?” Remus asked.

It was a slow afternoon at the book store they worked at. James had been lounging behind the register and reading the latest book Remus had recommended to him. It was new and the paper smelled and felt lovely. It was a heavy hardback that was awkward to hold and the jacket had long ago been slipped off and placed in a drawer. But the story itself was so amazing that James hardly paid attention to those other things. He was completely enraptured by the amazing writing of L.J. Evans.

“No, there must just be dust in my eye,” James said but the sniffling and foggy glasses were a complete give away so he sighed and nodded.

“I knew it’d make you cry,” Remus said. He had teared up when he read it, and James had laughed at him. Well now neither of them were laughing- they were too busy crying over the beautiful ending of this book.

“I think I need a moment to think about my life,” James said.

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exr five times getting locked out / once getting locked in? <3


Enjolras turns up on Grantaire’s doorstep soaking wet and shivering, and Grantaire stares at him for about three seconds before he opens the door and lets him in.

“Is there some reason you’re here looking like the last five minutes of a romcom?” he asks once he’s found a towel and handed it over to Enjolras.

Enjolras scowls at him. “I locked myself out of my apartment and Combeferre can’t get to me with my spare key for hours. You were closest.”

“Well, I’m honored by the visit. You can tell Combeferre to come here when he’s done with work if you want, stay dry longer.”

When Combeferre arrives three hours later, Grantaire and Enjolras are eating chips and salsa and arguing about government surveillance, and Enjolras still has the towel over his shoulders.

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boyfriend! wonwoo

Originally posted by fyjeonwonwoo

  • the cutest bf 
  • friday night movie dates !!!!! 
  • either at the movie theater or ur place bc sometimes u guys are in the mood to watch some classics and other times you guys want to catch a new movie coming out 
  • cuddling until you guys fall asleep 
  • lots of home dates
  • he doesnt feel like he HAS to go outside and do something with you
  • he’s comfortable enough for you two to just enjoy eachothers company @ home
  • just lounging around together
  • spontaneous ice cream runs
  •  outside dates tho !! 
  • includes cafe dates and bookstore dates !! 
  • he recommends all his favorite books to u bc he wants to share something he enjoys with someone he loves 
  • hes the type to say i love u when u guys are in a tight hug like he’d hold u so close and whisper against your ear
  •  texts u with emoticons omg … so cute 
  • sweater paws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • lets u wears his sweaters 
  • hed probably go to the store and end up buying matching ones so he can have another thing that reminds him of u 
  • if u buy him any gifts he’d try his best to use it all the time 
  • like a bracelet? only comes off his wrist when hes in the shower and when he cant wear it during performances 
  •  cologne? hed spray it on every morning
  •  a sweater ? hed wear it as many times as he could before he has to wash it ( and without being called out for wearing the same shirt 24/7 lol) 
  • ahhhh eskimo kisses !!!!!!!!! 
  • like him crinkling his nose when he smiles and he comes in to rub his nose w ur nose
  • him telling u random old man jokes 
  • “hey wonwoo im hungry" 
  • "hi hungry im looking for my girlfriend do you know where she is ?" 
  • "did u just ……………”
  • him coming over to ur house for sleepovers 
  • him coming to ur house at 3 am just because he missed u 
  • but being too embarassed to admit it 
  • “why are u here ????" 
  • "wow !!! this isnt my house ??? how’d i get here ??? i wonder ….." 
  • ”…… just get inside wonwoo" 
  • taking!!! care!! of !! him !!! when!!! he !!! is !!! sick!!!!!!! 
  • making sure he eats all his meals and helping him when he’s in pain 
  • comforting him by holding his hand and talking abt things to distract him from the pain 
  • calling in to check on how hes doing 
  • hed always assure you that hes fine and wouldnt show u that hes in pain bc he wouldnt want u to worry 
  • when ur on facetime w him he blows u kisses 
  • sometimes mingyu texts u to tell you that wonwoo wont shut up abt u and asks u to do something abt it please
  • whenever you do something cute, he’d just pause and blush bc omg ur so cute???? how?????
  • he likes to admire you a lot
  • like when you’re sleeping on his bed beside him he’d look at you
  • and he’d just be like
  • “wow how’d i get so lucky?? “
  • if u ever catch him doing this he’d deny it at all costs w a very red blush on his cheeks
  • dotes on you a lot
  • he can’t say no to you
  • mingyu says he’s whipped and he doesnt want to admit it but he really is
  • when you tell him ur on ur period he’ll google how to help ease ur pain
  • tries to shower you in kisses to make you feel better
  • being super gentle w u!!!! bc he sees u as a fragile person that must be protected at all costs
  • taking pictures of all the places he goes to so he can show you and share his adventures with you if you arent there
  • polaroid pictures!!!
  • hanging up the pictures of you two in his room
  • ok reading books together but listen… you two on the floor with you sitting between his legs and his head on your shoulder and his arms around you holding the book up
  • “are you done with this page yet?”
  • for your one year anniversary he’d give you a book he made himself that’s filled with all the things you guys did together 
  • like a receipt from that one restaurant you went to
  • the ticket from the fair you two visited
  • movie ticket stubs 
  • ahhhhh he’d spend so much time on it like he’d decorate it with stickers and write tiny little mementos for everything in the book
  • and it would have everything starting from the first date you guys had
  • couple rings!!!!
  • whenever you’re feeling under the weather he’d buy you your favorite food to go and come over to your place
  • he’d have your favorite movie playing and wrap the two of you in a warm fluffy blanket so you two can cuddle
  • if you ever cry, he’d be your shoulder to cry on
  • he’s kind of awkward but he’ll try his best to make you feel better with a good hug
  • wipes away ur tears for u
  • “wanna go get ice cream?”
  • bringing you to his garden!! lmao
  • when he finds out ur favorite fruit, he’d try his best to grow some on his own and surprise u with them
  • generally  a giant sweetheart !!

I love when parents suggest to their kids that they should read instead of forcing it on them. Mainly, when they ask a bookstore employee for recommendations without limiting the format or genre (like magic, evil vs good, etc.,) of their child’s next read.

They want to read Graphic Novels? Let them. 

They want to read the same genre? Let them, until they move on.

They want to re-read books by the same author? It’s okay.

Don’t force your kid to read the way YOU want them to read because it might turn them off of reading. While every kid is different and being tough on them might get some reading, for the most part, I’ve seen a lot of disinterested kids in the bookstore because of their parents’ limitations. 

I’m not a parent, but I’ve seen these parents in action while I try to find a book for their child. Words are words, as long as they’re reading something (even a shampoo bottle), so be proud of your amazing child. 

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Rereading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro // 20th of March 2016