bookstore babies

I’ll bring my baby to bookstores.
And I hope you will, too.
So she can learn the smell of books,
the sounds of the pages turning.
I’ll bring my baby to bookstores
so she learns at a young age
the value of the written word,
the value of its power.
I’ll bring my baby to bookstores
so she grows up with a handful of novels
and a brain full of knowledge.
I’ll bring our baby to bookstores.
She’ll see us stealing glances from across the room; she’ll learn that books are synonymous with love, and that’s how every life should be lived.
– Caisse Davis
—  Caisse Davis
astro coven au (knk)


  • Basically your token immortal vampires
    • Amount of sparkles depends on how much Heejun has had to drink
      • Whoever said vampires don’t take alcohol’s probably lying to you KNK loves beer and soju as much as the next person
      • Occasionally sparkles if he’s in a good mood or just drunk in general
      • Heejun has no idea how the biology behind this works either he requests you consult a biologist and tell him if you’re able to find out
  • KNK’s “initiation” mark is a golden triangle behind their right ear
    • MJ used to love it as a kid
    • When any member of KNK carried him in their arms he’d always rest his head against their right shoulder so he could look at it reflecting dimly
    • And when he turned fourteen he clamoured to have one so Jihun sat him down and kissed his forehead and gave him a teddy bear to hug to bear with the burning
    • And then pressed his thumb behind MJ’s ear and watched as a dull gold triangle took shape behind his son’s ear
    • MJ blinking the tears of pain away then beaming up at Jihun because “does this mean i’m really part of your family now?”
    • Inseong didn’t cry or anything, no indeed nope he maintains that if you don’t have pictures you have no proof nope nope nopE
  • Fun fact: actually can use mirrors
    • I didn’t know this either lmao
    • To summarise, mirrors were made from silver in the past, which, because they were a metal of purity, could not reflect “evil” stuff like vampires aka KNK
    • But as cheaper mirrors started being made, more and more mirrors use aluminium as the reflective backing, which apparently is an all-inclusive, diversity-loving, non-discriminating metal
    • Conclusion: thanks to aluminium, Inseong can now finger-gun his reflection every day and tell himself how handsome he is
    • And smol baby MJ could also trail behind him and finger-gun what he could see of bright eyes and messy hair and the very top of his nose in the bottom of the mirror too
  • Basically brought MJ up
    • It’s honestly because of MJ that they now have a kitchen fully installed
    • Although in the later years of living with them MJ did most of the cooking for himself
    • You know, because he needs actual nutrition
    • More under MJ’s profile
  • MJ’s source of blood
    • he mostly scares Sanha into submission by threatening to send him over to Youjin
      • I mean, Youjin is pretty scary when he isn’t smiling gummily
      • Once MJ asked Sanha to hop over to KNK’s coven house get his order of 7-month aged blood for this one ritual and when Sanha showed up knocking on KNK’s door he stood outside for 10 minutes until he realised Youjin was standing behind him all along and just smiling very confusedly at Sanha
      • When he realised, he screamed so loudly in shock Inseong had to run up from the basement where he was taking inventory to see what was going on
      • All he saw was a pale noodle with Astro’s initiation mark screaming very loudly at Youjin and he decided Not to Question it and just save the poor boy by dumping MJ’s order into his arms
      • Only to have Sanha feel the warm squishy bags of blood in his arms and panic and nearly drop them
    • MJ now either gets Heejun to deliver the blood to him or sends Bin or Jinjin over to collect it rip
    • but yes they supply blood to a couple different blood ritualists around their area 
      • they specialise in making blood that needs special stuff like 
        • 8month barrel-aged blood 
        • or like blood infused with certain herbs (that Jinjin sells them at a discount for)
        • or blood rested with different charms (that they used to get from Vixx but now get from the Astro coven)
        • or blood that somehow needs treatment for whatever ritual it’s meant to be used in they really don’t care as long as you give them specific instructions 
      • and by ‘making’ i mean:
        • they all go out to collect blood together 
        • Youjin does the processing and purifying
        • Heejun does all the adding stuff like he knows how much herb to add per litre of blood and stuff 
        • Inseong does inventory and tells Heejun what’s they’re running low on and works out what they should use their next batches of blood for
        • Jihun takes orders and labels the finished packets for delivery 
        • Seungjun (and baby MJ) does delivery 
        • speaking of Seungjun
  • Seungjun loves loves loves loves LOVES Sanha
    • I’m not even exaggerating this is actually irl he hugs Sanha every time he sees him like
    • Me too Seungjun me too
    • It’s pretty funny sometimes because Sanha’d just be bumming around on the porch or be in the garden helping Jinjin out and
    • Seungjun would just appear like “hEY SANHA”
    • And fold him into his arms
    • You know what I mean like that one photo of seungjun just going for it
    • And Sanha would squeak and try to escape
    • But obviously in vain like mm alrighty son you tried your best but you can’t escape seUNGJUN’S LOVE
  • Sanha’s dead terrified of Youjin
    • Something Youjin Cannot Understand because he loves this tol child so much?????? he loves all of Astro sm????????
    • Would willingly feed Sanha chicken and laugh at his silly jokes and be the victim of all his pranks?????
    • Which is more than he can say for the rest of KNK
    • But he accidentally smiled at Sanha with his fangs out the first time they met and poor Sanha hasn’t recovered from the shock poor baby
  • Stores their blood in a clime-controlled basement 
    • it’s hilarious bc when they got it installed they pretended to be a sommelier clubhouse 
      • and so they had to do a ton of reading to assume the part
      • but of course Heejun suggests that “after reading about it you have to put it into practice, don’t you?” 
      • cue Inseong going out to buy different bottles of wine and Heejun getting all drunk and sparkly 
      • MJ trying a little bit of wine and finding out he’s a happy talkative but also very sleepy drunk 
      • Jihun ushering all his drunk vampires upstairs to bed before carrying MJ to bed and shaking his head and downing his own last glass 
    • it’s a whole underground set-up that’s protected by tons of sigils
      • you know, just in case the police come knocking one day they’ll only find a wine cellar 
      • they have a bathroom and stuff down there too so they can wash and clean up all traces of blood before coming back upstairs 
      • also to wash up before they go in they may be vampires but they’re also hygienic okay!!
  • goes over to eat dinner with Astro a lot 
    • and by ‘eat dinner’ you know what I mean
    • Astro and KNK sitting around the dinner table talking and gossiping 
    • KNK drinking out of opaque bags with black straws 
    • sometimes they have alcohol in there instead of blood but don’t tell Astro 
    • Astro knows but they find KNK’s keeping up of their pretence of not drinking alcohol around minors pretty hilarious
    • KNKstro sitting in the living room around the TV battling it out on mario kart 
      • Sanha screaming every time the runs into a banana peel 
      • Youjin totally smashing all of KNK but letting Sanha win 
      • Heejun thinks it’s totally unfair but he’s also so weak for Sanha so really
      • pls love KNK Youjin that’s all your coven asks

wow i’m so weak for astro x knk interactions


Today in D&D we were in a library and I asked to roll an investigation check to find children’s books to bring back home to our daughters. 

(For comparison, two other people in our party rolled to find porn.)

Book stores - Jason Todd x Reader

Request for Jason by a lovely anon.

You go back to the the philosophy aisle, where the very attractive stranger had a perfect visual of you. Except for the fact that he didn’t give you more than a glance.

You love books, you love reading. You love that musty smell you get while flipping through the books you grab from the endless shelves. You love the variety of types of people that surround you. And purposely trying to get the attention of a man you found easy on the eyes wasn’t a normal practice of yours.

It wasn’t like you were flaunting. No, you were just going out of your way to get him to notice you. And you couldn’t stop.

You had noticed him almost as soon as you walked in. He was walking back to the chair, just outside the café.

That chair probably used to belong to one of the the tables in the café the book store housed, it was one of many that was strewn across an empty wall in case there were no other places to sit.

His chair happened to be right in between the philosophy aisle, the first aisle you went to.

You picked out a random book and flipped through it, pretending to be deep in thought while taking the chance to absorb the man’s rugged attributes.

Dark hair, with a streak of white, calculating blue eyes and sharp features. You snap back to the book as he gets up.

‘He’s done already?’ You think.

This man fell into a certain category of book store shoppers. Where you grab any book that interests you and read, with no limits. And when you finish one, you move on to another and you leave without paying a single penny. Reading in a book store is one of the purest, most peaceful things.

You wander off to the where the novels are, and grab a particularly interesting looking one. You sit down on the floor, leaning back on the shelf with your legs stretched out.

You were blocking the width of the narrow aisle with your legs, but you doubt anyone would come to the narrow section, tucked in the back.

Lost in your book, you almost didn’t notice a shadow looming over you.

“Oh, sorry.” You say folding your legs, looking up to meet the analytical eyes of the stranger, your stranger.

“It’s alright.” He says with a low voice, as if he doesn’t want to disturb the books.

Then he sits down, diagonal from you, leaning onto the other shelf.

He notices you staring and says, “Mind if I sit, someone stole my chair.”

“No, not at all.” You reply, suppressing a smile as you look back to your book.

Your eyes flick back to him every one and a while, until the rest on the book he’s reading.

To Kill a Mockingbird. You smile at the classic, and the memories you have surrounding it.

“You’ve read it?” He asks, though it sounds more like a statement, when feels your smile.

“Mhm.” You say nodding, “It’s a favorite of mine.”

He smiles, “Yeah, I can always go back to it.”

“Ten minutes ‘til closing.” One of the younger employees says as he walks past the entrance of the aisle.

“Right.” The man mutters getting up, then offering you a hand.

You graciously take it, “I’m Jason.”


“Well, (Y/N), it was really nice meeting you.”

“You, too. Maybe I’ll see you around.” You say, smiling as you walked out.

Jason found himself at the very same book store, the next week and the weeks to come, looking for you. The books were an added bonus.

Hey, sweet anon, you are a genius for thinking this up. Thanks for requesting!

anonymous asked:

have any of the mods read "Lesbian Couples: A Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships"? if so, would you recommend it? i saw it in a bookstore, and as a baby butch with relationship anxiety, i think it might help ease my worries. but if its a real stinker or something, i don't want to clog up my brain with bad info, so i thought i'd ask first. thanks!!

I have not read it! Followers, have any of you? 
-Mod T

I walked for half an hour in the boiling sun to the bookstore to get this baby. Thank the Angel that it was released so early. It’s so beautiful and thick you guys (that’s what she said)

I am more than excited to get into this badass book, but I’m also terrified…. any advice? None? Alright, wish me luck.

- Tris

Can we talk about mom!Pearl though?
  • Pearl not coming out of her room for weeks after Rose Quartz ‘dies’ because she can’t understand why she would give up everything she fought for; for something as subjective as love 
  • Pearl mustering the courage to finally leave her room because if she can help take on the entirety of the homeworld then she can take on an infant
  • Pearl literally not knowing anything about human babies
  • Pearl being TERRIFIED of not knowing anything about human babies
  • Pearl cleaning out the public library and several bookstores of their baby manuals because she can’t live with herself if she lets Rose’s child down
  • Pearl obsessively sterilizing bottles and teething rings
  • Pearl blowing raspberries on Steven’s tummy gem because it distracts him from the pain of his teeth growing in
  • Pearl dealing with picky eater Steven and trying to feed him with the ‘choo-choo train’ method to no avail
  • Pearl having no other choice but to prove to Steven that food is okay to eat by eating it herself, even though she hates the feeling of eating
  • Pearl staying up with Steven all night and burping him because he’s colic-y
  • Pearl nervously watching from the sidelines as Garnet teaches him to walk, flinching every time he stumbles and falls
  • Pearl being amazed when Steven walks his first steps into her arms
  • Pearl swallowing her jealousy and asking Greg to tell her what to do because Steven has a cold and that is so out her realm of expertise
  • Pearl taking extensive notes as Greg walks her through making chicken noodle soup
  • Pearl reading and rereading Where the Wild Things Are to Steven because its his favorite, to the point she has it memorized
  • Pearl going to enroll Steven in school only to panic and pull him out when she learns that the first year is called kindergarten 
  • Pearl having separation anxiety the first few times they have to leave Steven at home to go on missions
  • Pearl worrying that Steven likes Amethyst better than her because she’s better at ‘fun’
  • Pearl playing video games with Steven even though she’s bad at them 
  • Pearl calming Steven down after bad dreams by telling him stories about his mother
  • Pearl finally understanding love; why Rose would give her life to bring this child into the world