Completed Series #1: Outcast by Christofer Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski. It’s been years since I’ve read them, but I remember how exited I was when I got all four of them at once!

However I was a bit dissapointed of how the series ended. It seemed a little rushed, as I wanted to know more for the Magic World. But they were an enjoyable read eitherway~
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I’m starting a new project where I attempt to only read the books that I own, not including audiobooks or books for my book club. Starting with Mr. Du Bois, a book I pretended to read in undergrad and now will actually read.

I was inspired because I own a great deal of books that I haven’t read yet, not to mention all of my husband’s amazing collection. It seems like a fun project to take on and something to keep me reading - something I can struggle with…you know how it is. Water water everywhere? So I’m going to let myself buy new books. I’m going to let myself replace old books that I own and are falling apart (ahem, Brave New World…I’m looking at you…) and I’m going to let myself stop books if I don’t like them.

And finally, I’m giving myself a year to see how much damage I can do. Wish me luck!

I owe my love of Denby to my very special tutor Ann Nugent. She taught me how to love writing, how to love writing about dance and most importantly how to love what I write. #booksiown

First in the series of ‘Books I own’. To kick it off I’ve gone for this fresh new purchase. It is dedicated to the great Ninette de Valois and was first published in 1938. #booksiown