These are photos from my favourite bookshop in London: Foyles.
This is the foreign language floor! Yes, floor not section 😁 The last photo shows the Italian and German grammar, vocabulary, etc., not including the literature! There is another full side for Italian alone. You can also see Portuguese, Russian and Greek, plus the aisle for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
Not featured: the Nordic languages section, Ancient Greek, Latin, Polish, French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Afrikaans… And so on and so on. Too many for me to remember.

If you visit London and you love languages, I really recommend that you visit.


Don’t forget to visit this magical place if you are ever in Exeter. And if you live too far from there, then listen: there is a place that looks like a haunted house. The old books there whisper their stories to each other. Whenever I enter the house and ascend the creaking stairs, I roam around a bit and let the book choose me. It is a simple rule of courtesy and respect. There always will be a gentle ghost willing to share its past with you. 

Question: Where is the best place to have a work placement?
Answer: A Bookshops, always a bookshop…
(I got 7 books for free, I’m in heaven guys)