Good evening all! 

I’m back home from PAX East, which was simply incredible!  I met up with many friends, and made many new ones as well.  The whole experience was surreal - when I’m not near passing out I will detail much more!  I’ll be uploading pics to flickr and linking here sometime in the near future, but I wanted to share a few pictures  for the time being.  Photos include me as Manrill, Ongaku88 as Warden Bethany, Sheila as Mage F!Hawke, Subitoallegra as Isabela and Trish, Tam as Femris, Michael Coles as Shepard, Urdnoteve as Rogue F!Hawke, Hemiart as Bethany, and Booksandcorsets as Meredith!  Also featuring Jerry Holkins (Tycho), David Gaider, Patrick Weekes, and Rana (Samara’s face model).


Check out some of the amazing peeps I took photos of during Otakon! Professor Trelawney is our amazing friend Alyssa. Merida is sakuranym, Mabel is thecatrabbi, Dipper is luciferandbutts, and Wendy is tardisonthefritz.

If you’re in this photoset, or you know who anyone is, just let me know and I’ll update the list!