theseshouldersarebroader-deacti  asked:

Hey how are you? Im new to tumblr, or well its been a while since Ive started a blog (two years just about) and I am completely lost as to how I use to manage to find an abundance of amazing blogs. I was wondering if you could give me some great blogs to follow? You could give me 5 or you could give me 30- I dont mind, itd just be lovely. Have a nice day :)

I’m great! Today is the day of Dewey’s Read-a-Thon, and I’m looking forward to a day spent entirely with reading lovely books. How about you? 

And sure, I’d love to recommend some blogs. I’m not too good at discovering tumblr-blogs myself and I only follow about 300 people on here. I’m not so sure why that is, and I’d love to find more amazing people to follow.

My favorite Tumblr-blogs are mainly book-bloggers, and I’d love to list a few of my favorites here: 

Wenchingwithshakespeare was one of the first people I followed on here. I always click through the pages of this blog when I’m in need of some inspiration. Such a beautiful blog.

Bookmad. I often see Manda on my dashboard, and while she posts and reblogs amazing book photos, I’ve especially come to love her text posts. Her commentary on the After-series by Anna Todd is perhaps the best thing I’ve ever read – I even told my friends about it. I have such a huge Tumblr-crush on her blog.

Falling-inlove-with-books. One of the first people I ever followed. Her blog is amazing, she is such a kind person, I adore seeing her name on my dashboard.

Windblownpages. Anne Nikoline is a dear friend of mine, a fellow Danish bookblogger, and she posts the most wonderful pictures. Her blog is a thing of beauty (and so is she), and her love of classics and relatively unknown books is so inspiring.

Optimistsdaughter. This blog! Seriously, this blog! Whenever a picture from this blog surfaces on my dashboard, I never need to check the source or the Tumblr-name. I just know where it’s from, because the pictures are so recognizable, so beautiful and so calm. Completely amazing.

– Ursula-Uriate. I’ve been following Ursula on Instagram for a while, and I’ve been loving her photos since the very first time I laid my eyes on them. Ursula is such a skilled photographer, an avid collector of beautiful books and her pictures clearly shows that. Her blog is beautiful, and so is she. 

– Bluestockingbookworm. Tumblr tells me, that Erin’s blog is the one I’ve liked most posts form. I’m sure it’s true, because honestly I love everything she posts on her blog. 

– Gittewitte. I’ve mentioned Gitte before. She is one of the greatest persons in my life, and I adore everything she touches. Her blog is relatively new, but it shows just how great a photographer she is. <3 Everyone should go follow her, she is so kind, so beautiful and such a skilled photographer.

 – Duckduckbooks. Whenever I go through my liked posts, it seems like I’ve liked every single post on this blog. But honestly, how couldn’t I? It is such a lovely blog! 

– Booksagainstignorance. I’ve only just started following this blog, but oh my! Such lovely pictures and words and book related beauty. Such a wonderful blog.

And that was 10 lovely blogs, which I recommend with all of my heart.