books:the iron fey

“So, it’s the ever so popular Firstborn Child of Doom prophecy, huh, ice-boy? How very cliché. Why can’t it ever be the third nephew twice removed who’s fated to destroy the world?”

Good morning all! I finished The Iron Legends last night and am giving it an overall 4⭐️. Winter’s Passage was kind just meh, but Summer’s Crossing and The Iron Prophecy were pretty fun! And of course Puck is just the best character in the Iron Fey. 😊❤️📚

Current read! I have a feeling I’m gonna like this one because it’s got more of Ash and Puck! 💙💙💙 I’ve also started listening to the #audiobook of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater as a reread, and OMG I think I’m loving it even more the second time around! 😊💙👍🏻