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The reason we have 2 Herondales and like a million of Blackthorns

Jace: I got laid in book 6.

Will: Sorry, mate. Book 3.

Julian: Book 1, guys.

It is now official, according to Cassandra Clare, that if the TMI and TDA were to be in a production of Hamilton, that Jace would be Hamilton but he’d have to fight Emma for the role, Magnus would be Burr (because he could nail the musical numbers), Alec would be Washington, Izzy would be Lafayette, Clary would be Angelica, and Julian would be behind the scenes because he’d hate to act in the play. (Source)

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Day 25: Badass Characters.

Can you get any more badass than the Shadowhunters?!? I mean seriously I can barely walk without tripping and these teenagers are just jumping off buildings and battling it out with demons! 😊❤️📚

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These book stans are really testing me. Idk if you're aware but they started a TMI DESERVES BETTER tag on twitter lmao imagine being this pressed.

You know what? ShadowhuntersTV fans deserve better than dealing and reading the bs of those annoying tmi book stans… like istg. If that show and all is so bad why don’t you just turn it off and cling to your damn books for all I care?

Me: I solemnly swear that I will not fall in love with another psychopath from a book or a tv show.

Also me: Oh, look. This Sebastian guy is really cute. *googly eyes.

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As a TMI book stan I can understand being a little undersatisfied with some things in the show but I also understand that with any adaption of a book there WILL be changes. They also made changes to make it more appealing to a larger crowd and that's perfectly fine. I enjoy the show and those TMI book stans on Twitter need to try and understand that Shadowhunters can't be exactly like the book because they need to make money so they have to appeal to a larger audience

I get your point. But I think this goes both ways. Like, I can understand why book fans, who also enjoy the show, are not totally satisfied with some things/changes. But this also applies to show fans who are not happy with how they are dealing with stuff from the books and why they would like to see them go away from them even more. Or concentrate more on other things—which could work, if the books don’t exist, you know?!

Thing is, as you mentioned, people need to understand that a movie/tv show adaption is pretty much never 100% accurate. Simply because you often can’t apply the narrative from the books to the big screen. It doesn’t work. End of story. Also, think about stuff the character from the book sees f.e.—in the book in might take 2,3 pages to fully get the context and the landscape/interior or what not. Or even how that character sees another character. On the big screen, you all see this immediately. So of course they need to add other stuff and plots to keep viewers interested because it would get boring quickly otherwise. It’s not about annoying the book fans, it’s simply because books and movie/tv shows are two totally different media.

Besides, I don’t have anything against people who love and enjoy the books. I am not here to lecture them about what to like or not. But I am annoyed when you clearly don’t like anything from the show and constantly trash it, going on and on and on about how much better the books are. If you think so…. fine. Whatever. But then leave the people who enjoy the show tf alone. Why are you even bothering with the show if it is trash and ruins your books? That’s something I don’t understand. So go and read your books and leave those who enjoy the show alone. I don’t think this is too hard. smh