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Name: Diya
Age: 15
Country: India

I’m a literature geek,
A complete drama queen,
A righteous person. I’m part of the intense poetry aficionado.I’m wiccan, sort of. I can be so very contradictory like, I want to do spoken word poetry someday on a live stage but, I am terrified of public speaking. I’m an Indigo Child, I believe I’m going to change the world. I am going to catch all the pain in the world and clutch it tight between my fists till I can somehow convince God to take it back.I’m an INFP. I love too much and too hard. My favorite color is Pink (go ahead and judge me, I won’t mind.). My favourite movie series is Kill Bill ( I don’t even know why, because I hate violence.) although I watch all sorts of movies (I’m addicted to movies and Tv shows, though not as much as books.) I’m watching Stranger things and Riverdale these days, and lemme just tell you how legit they are: VERY. If you don’t want to talk about space theories,or random stuff we can talk about:
Philosophy/ Psychology (My favorite subjects)
Love Life
BOOKS!! Tv shows or movies
Wattpad, if you’re on it?
Or if you just need someone to vent,a shoulder to cry on (metaphorically, obviously.) or just get to know each other, I’m right here!!

Preferences: Around my age. Writing through Snail Mail would be great, but if you prefer through email, That works too!!

Reblog if you’re okay with me (or anyone else who reblogs) messaging you so we could become friends

cus at the moment I sometimes feel lonely and I want to meet new people (i’ll tag my interests and so should you if you reblog so people know them)


Sometimes when you sail too far into the fandom, you’ll encounter what most shippers couldn’t perceive as a normal ship. This painfully breathtaking vessel is called a RARESHIP

1. Other shippers just couldn’t get why you’re digging it

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2 Sometimes their reactions are too uncouthy.

3. Even when you have persuaded them to just try reading a great fic or two, their reactions are just like:

4. There’s not enough fangirling material so you’re treating every one you found like precious gem

5. You’ve hit that Kudos button for the gazillionth time already on an AO3 fanfiction featuring your rareship. There are only, like, 5 of them.

6. You asked the author in a tumblr prompt to write another fanfiction featuring your rareship, for every possible kink you could think of

 7. You remember every single interaction of the two characters in the canon material, no matter how minuscule it was 

 8. Digging through Pixiv for fanarts 

 9. You have no other choice but to learn Japanese to understand the doujinshis that no scanslator team could possibly pick up