This turned out a lot less funny-ragey and a lot more actually sad and angry than I meant it to?

Written on March 17, 2015

The Last Stand of the New York Institute by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Honestly the only reason this even got two stars is because I didn’t get quite as angry at it as I did for other installments of the Chronicles. That’s literally it.

Also I’m not sure what to say here because there’s literally nothing to say that I haven’t said before about pretty much every Clare book. (Yes, I must like suffering this way, yes, I will keep reading until I don’t feel like it anymore and no, I’m not interested in being told that if those books make me so angry, I should just stop reading them.)

Basically Cassandra Clare is still marketing her books through surface diversity while simultaneously being one of the most sexist writers I’ve ever seen. She set up a world meant to be an exploration of racism (Shadowhunters vs. Downworlders) but she spends more time siding with or talking about the racists than she does talking about/siding with their victims.

Magnus is defined by his sexuality and clothing more than anything else, the Circle is retconned through hell and back, we still have to suffer through the Herondales worship, and basically every single one of these stories is a train wreck of watching Cassandra Clare smashing every bit of potential in her worldbuilding and characters to the ground, and then lampshade the issues to boot.

Also could someone please teach her how to use scene breaks, if nothing else?

Read a longer rant/my thought process while reading here.

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my therapist told me to write down in a book if anything happens that makes me sad or angry I woke up at 9am by 11:30am I had filled a page in the book

It really bothers me that people don’t want to support a wonderful idea, and create lies about a person because of their username.
That’s judging a book by it’s cover, then sending hate?
It makes me angry
It also shows how much people truly care about a cause, not being able to put their differences aside for something positive


May Book Photo Challenge | Day Fifteen | Frustrating Read

Sky Shatter (Breeze Corinth #1) by Michael John Olson

Just so happens to be the one year anniversary of me finishing this special little book. You want to talk about frustrating? This book was such a mess. Nearly 600 pages of nothing being resolved. This book was full of so much wasted potential, reading my review makes me angry all over again. You can read my review on goodreads and on tumblr.

I'm a couple chapters into "Adam" by Ariel Schrag

and like…I’m trying so hard to give this book the benefit of the doubt, and there are some really beautifully written passages, but EVERY SINGLE TRANS PERSON IN THE BOOK IS WRITTEN TO BE A HUGE ASSHOLE and also alternative pronouns are treated as a joke and this is a problem for me!

It’s the end of the first act though. Things are supposed to be confused and bad at that point. Maybe some good trans people will show up! (Maybe a single trans woman will show up…I made a point of including at least a few trans MEN in my book so idk just saying) Maybe the book will not eventually make me so angry I explode.

Please don’t think my advice for a class I main/play as secondary doesn’t count when I have had a terrible dungeon healing. 

I had a guy saying LOL after I told him to use Sustain more as Summoner because his Garuda-Egi died and he had to re-summon it mid-battle. 

Tell me, how does that make my advice not relevant?

Race In Books

What really makes me angry, besides the other racial issues in books with representation and all that,  is that in many books they only describe skin tone if the person isn’t white. Doing this reinforces the idea that white is the default, and it does it in a very inconspicuous way. Either describe all characters’ skin tones or none at all. Don’t just do it on the people with “caramel” and “chocolate” skin. (Also, why do they always use food as descriptions? It’s bizarre.)

#bookmail day! Thanks @rhaudiobooks (and the Giveaway Gods) for the signed audiobook (truth: I finished reading this yesterday. Such an angry-making book which makes me wonder how hearing it would work)

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Other things I may also leave: Cold cold Campbell's from the can. Beats. A folding chair. Tangerines. A book on porcupineology. A frozen pizza pie. $2.99

fuck this makes me so angry she never released loveology officially the only recording ive heard had someone sneezing in the middle :(

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Wait are you serious about Joeys book thing?! That does seem kinda annoying but it has happened before with other Youtubers books in the UK. Everyones starting rumours about his book now because of this

Yes I am serious. It makes me really angry because that isn’t fair to him. Everyone is asking me questions about the book but I refuse to answer them because Joey does not want people to know anything about it yet.