psa :: remember that when addressing kings/emperors & queens/empresses, it’s “YOUR MAJESTY” ; & when addressing princes & princesses, it’s “YOUR HIGHNESS”. 

kings/emperors & queens/empresses : your royal/imperial majesty
princes & princesses : your royal/imperial highness
dukes & duchesses : your grace
other nobility : my lord/my lady 

Sometimes I wake up screaming until my lungs are in my lap with sweat racing down my temples and all I can remember about the nightmare is that it involved losing you.
—  walking into love, pt. 12

This weekend I did literally nothing but sweep my laundry room and nearly accomplish a two-day dragon age origins run through.

How fortunate I am to have formed and maintained friendships with certain people. I say this because I am quite possibly the worst person to form a friendship or anytime of relationship with. I am the friend that is rarely in contact and when I am it’s: oh I need to vent or I am in need of something, god what a selfish human being I am. But regardless of this, how in my time of need, when I feel like I am on the verge of failing, these people never fail to come to my aid. Gahhh, the amount of love and support I get sometimes, how blessed I am, I cannot even begin to express in words. I feel like I am glowing, light doesn’t even come close. I am going to work on my friendships this year, more texts, more emails, more love, the women in my life are everything!

Think what you like about YA novels, but it is easily one of the most progressive genres in fiction at the moment. it’s doing far more for representation of women and minorities and tackling social injustice than some Adult/literary novelists ever have


Art During the Production Stage in July 2014.

“These images are a huge metaphoric exploration about the light and the dark side of the Force, which I had long discussions with Rick about. The wide shot of the light glimmer just hitting the two of them– that’s the Force essentially making its decision.” – Jenkins

The Art of the Force Awakens

Did they just spoil Kylo Ren’s redemption with one quote?