I want to travel while I’m young and able. I want to meet random strangers on the subway who tell me stories of how they work double shifts just to keep their dream of one day making it big. I want to see the places where people always dream about living. I want to feel what it’s like to get lost deep in the city and randomly walk into a quaint coffee shop. I want to try new foods. I want to explore the things people take for granted. I want to experience things. I want to find beautiful places that make everything seem surreal. I want to travel the world.


You guys don’t mind if I draw traditionally right? I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to sit down and draw on my computer. I haven’t been home lately so I just go to my room to sleep now and it’s starting to get messy! Even if I want to draw I have a whole bunch of papers and stuff on top of my tablet. Drawing in my sketch book is easier because even if I’m on the go I can still find time to sketch here or there.

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I just finished your book... and as I closed its cover I laid there clutching it to my chest trying to engrave how it made me feel. There were moments when I squealed with glee and then moments where I shouted out my disagreements. What a ride! I. LOVE. THIS. STORY! I want -no- need more of it. This book is my go to for valentines day or during vacations on a beach somewhere. I was transported to that world and you presented the characters so well. I am so happy for you! Amazing job! <3 <3 <3

This is so sweet, and so kind, and means more to me than you know. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this wonderful message! Truly. And don’t worry. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Asher and Eve.

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I actually am so excited for your book I'm going to get all my friends to buy it when it comes out (bc it obviously will come out duh) and I just want you to know I BELIEVE IN YOU TAY YOURE AMAZING


Any Book Recommendations?

Hi! This isn’t anything voltage or fan-fic related, I was just wondering if any of you could give me some advice?

I’ve found out for my second year at college, my English Literature coursework is for me to read any two books of my choice, set myself a question, and compare those two books in relation to that question. 

I wanted to start thinking about books I’m going to compare but I’m a bit stumped. Any suggestions?

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Does the storyline in the books go with the show?

Nope. They’re really different. For example in the books Stefan and Damon didn’t live in Mystic Falls in 1864 but in Florence (Italy) during the 15th century.

Katherine and Klaus exist in the books although the storyline is different. Katherine isn’t Elena’s doppelgänger but they’re just similar.

The Originals don’t exist in the books, neither Silas nor the Travelers nor the Heretics.

You can spot something similar between the show and the books in the first season (but just something) but the storylines are very different.

The writers took just a few things from the books, for the rest they’re 2 very different entities.

lennuieternel replied to your quote“He used to think that if he lit a cigarette at midnight, the gods…”

I am deeply impressed by your writing, so soft and ephemeral, reminding of the sensation of being alive, and right now, though I feel tired and do not smoke, you made me want to lit a cigarette, sit on the windowsill and gaze at the sky. Is your book going to be in English? And may I reblog this tiny piece of the magical universe you carry with you?

yes, i believe all of my currently worked on books are going to be in english… i used to write in slovak but there were too many english collocations, too many words that sounded right in english only, so there came a point when i realised that slovak couldn’t serve me this way and i must put it all down in a more fitting manner

anyway, i’m so struck that you liked this bit! (i wasn’t exactly scared but very much unsure on how my words would be received)

and of course you may reblog, i’ll be even more flattered, even blushing for all i know ~**

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Hyunseong. That's all.

NOW THIS is some quality content, publish this in a book im going to buy at least 5 copies
im not even being facetious i literally would buy 5 copies of a book that said this and keep one then strategically donate the other four so other people would hopefully follow the path to enlightenment it would be like some divine holy boOK


if yall are gonna ignore that yoongi Pointed at hoseok while hoseok pointed at himself when yoongi said ‘like yall know my voice will turn people on, whether it’s a guy or girl my tongue will make you come’ im gnna Jump yoongi sucked hoseok’s dick im tellin yall