Time for Backstory~

I’ve seen a lot of controversy about Dove Cameron’s head canon backstory and the ways it contradicts the books, so I’m going to do a little filling in about backstory for the purposes of this blog. 

My personal policy is, if an actor’s statement doesn’t contradict canon, I’ll keep it. Some of Dove’s stuff works, some very much doesn’t. So here is my stance on various bits of backstory:

- Uma and Mal used to be best friends. This is also the case in the books, so no conflict here.

- Uma and Mal stopped being friends over some sort of drama - again, book canon, easy. Although it wasn’t so much ‘some drama’ as Mal bullying Uma relentlessly for 6 years. 

- Mal and Harry had feelings for each other - Note: I am NOT keeping the ‘first love’ bit. That is straight up contradicted by Mal saying she doesn’t know what love feels like. I suppose you could argue that once she learns what it feels like, she could recognize it as how she felt about Harry before, but I feel like that robs the story of only feeling it away from the toxic environment of the Isle of it’s poignancy. Also, we know from the movies that she’d never been on a date before Ben (and in fact that dating on the Isle is more like gang activity). So Harry = first real, adult crush? Sure. First love? Uh uh. For the purposes of this blog, there was a mutual crush when they were around 14 or 15 but they never actually did anything about it because of a few things (Harry’s friendship with Uma which Mal didn’t like, Maleficent would have a FIT, and simple teen nerves). They hung out sometimes when Uma wasn’t around but it simply never became official.

- Harry and Mal got matching tattoos - We’ve SEEN Mal’s hand. There is no tattoo. Let’s say it’s something they kicked around when they were friends.

- Mal broke Harry’s heart - Eh, sure, Mal’s a vicious little brat (that’s why I love her), I can see it. And sure, this might have made him a bit more bitter and vengeful towards Mal, but it’s hardly the only reason he dislikes her. 

- Harry joined Uma because Mal broke his heart - Oh, this absolutely isn’t true for this blog. Canon states they’ve been friends since they were little. And we know why he joined the crew - because Uma and he made a bet that if Uma won the race for the ship, he would be her first mate (and vice versa if Harry won). The question was never ‘will they be on a crew together’ it was merely who would take what position. Because Uma’s his best friend and he would never have thought to ditch her. 

- Mal replaced Uma with Evie - No. We see how they made friends in the books. Uma had a fat lot of nothing to do with it. I can see Mal wanting another friend subconsciously, but not to the extent of ‘must replace Uma’. 

- Mal and Uma dated - Again, sadly, not quite. Uma and Mal stopped being friends when they were 10. I can see childhood crushes but not actual dating. Also, again, Mal’s never been on a date before. 

I don’t hate Dove, nor do I think it’s a big deal she’s never read the books - plenty of actors don’t keep up with all the tie in material. And it’s fine for her to have her own head canon based on what she knows. That said, I’m not sticking to it. And no shade if you like her head canon! It’s just not going to be canon for this blog (and, iirc, Ortega has also said it’s not canon, just what Dove thinks happened). 

GoT rant

Bear with me guys, but to all my non Game of Thrones followers, there are a few things I would like to get off my chest regarding 7x06.

Okay so I’ve been seeing a LOT of hate for the last episode and I’m just not really here for it. In terms of the writing, which seems to be getting the most hate, maybe it’s just me but it honestly wasn’t THAT BAD????? Like maybe the writing wasn’t as strong as some other episodes before but c’mon guys it’s not like it was a complete shit storm. We still got a lot of nice moments. We’ve all been waiting years to see these characters come together/interacting with one another - and having the dragons fight beyond the wall was EPIC. We have to understand that it’s extremely hard for D&D since there are no longer books to go off of so they have to wrap up everyone’s storyline themselves with occasional help and tips from GRRM. Even GRRM said himself that it’s taking him so long to release the new book because he has to start wrapping everything up which is extremely hard since he created so many different storylines and plots. So let’s cut D&D some slack guys cause GoT is still one of the best TV shows out there, and a “bad episode” of GoT is still an AMAZING one. Not to mention the effects and shots were still 👌👌👌

Second thing I wanna touch on is everyone complaining about no major deaths this season and the show is becoming fan service because of this. Um well yeah. We don’t have many big characters left and we don’t have time to introduce any more big characters because we’re edging on the end of the series. It would make no sense whatsoever to kill any of the major players right now because we have to see them to the end. We have to finish their character arcs. I very much believe the this season is honestly setting up for the final season and although none of the big characters were harmed yet, Thoros, Benjen and Viserion were HUGE losses for said big characters and so these secondary deaths will effect the grand plot of things in the future. Lets not forget that everyone who went beyond the wall were BADASS FIGHTERS so seeing most of them survive is not that big of a shock tbh. And HELLO we lost the ENTIRE HOUSE OF TYRELL and BASICALLY the Martells too so ??? These Big families who have been pretty damn relevant ARE GONE!!! THATS HUGE!

LAST THING. I might get a lot of hate and I hope not but this regards Jon and Dany’s growing relationship. It really doesn’t surprise me that there is something going on btw. them. GRRM said a while back that they are the two main characters of A Song of Ice and Fire so like for them to hook up has been sort of foreshadowed for a while now through a lot of symbolism and parallels. ALSO THEY ARE TWO ATTRACTIVE, STUBBORN AND STRONG CHARACTERS LIKE ??? ITS NOT HARD TO FALL FOR ONE ANOTHER. Why is this such a big deal anyway? Is it the incest? b/c thats not a very strong argument considering this is the fictional world of Westeros.


anonymous asked:

"I do have thoughts on the potential baby and how it could play into the story along with what it would mean to Jon/Sansa as characters." I'd love it if you'd expand on this.

Anonymous said:Do you think Sansa will end up raising Jon and Dany’s child?

Anonymous said:I know you said you’ll do a write up and it’ll take a few days but can you please just answer this question: Will Sansa raise Jon’s and Dany’s kid?  

The original plan was to do a longer write up after the season was over but I’m going to do this summary instead. It’s still ridiculously long. It seems like there are a number of frustrations, to put it mildly, with this season. I’m going to dispense with this whole Jon bending the knee nonsense, because it isn’t happening in the books. Then, we can go into the potential baby.

First, and this is a big surprise to me, is how much impact dropping f!Aegon from the storyline is causing. Honestly, I thought it was a good idea when first learning of it and am still pretty sympathetic to the decision. However, D&D are still trying to create, with varying degrees of success, the dance of dragons we are going to see in the books. It’s this change in the source material that is leading to the stand off between Jon and Dany. To put it bluntly, Jon kneeling to Dany is going to be a complete non-issue.

I think it is extremely unlikely Jon will be crowned the KitN, that’s a show-only invention, given to him for a variety of reasons. Right now, I’m playing with the theory of Jon as a King of Winter since it better matches with his story. Jon isn’t going to be king, he is not going to be in a position to negotiate or offer up the north.

Now, let’s talk about the wight hunt which led to Jon’’s offer to bend the knee. Sure, the specifics of how it happened are stupid, but the entire damn concept makes no sense at all. The WW are an intelligent race, they communicate, they have weapons, they have a purpose, even if we don’t know everything yet. But, wights can not go south of the wall. It’s enchanted, it’s got spells. Remember the rotting hand with Aliser Thorne? Realistically, if this happened, the only thing Jon would have to show for his efforts is a rotting corpse. He could dig up a random grave and get the same results, with a lot less danger.

So, about the big meeting at the dragon pit. Again, that won’t happen either. In the books, it isn’t going to be some gathering of nobles in KL (it will be all blown up by then) that alerts the Seven Kingdoms to the danger in the north. It’s going to be Sam at the Citadel. He’s perfectly positioned to know when the wall goes down and happens to be where the single largest collection of ravens is located in all of Westeros. Honestly, this is one of the scenes I am looking forward to the most, I expect to be crying over it.

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- Osakan friend left back home today. Aah, it was so nice to see her. I hope we can meet on April again.

- I stumbled across a book  “History of Destruction and Annihilation” but my mind said “NO NIU NO NEW BOOKS YOU’RE GOING TO MOVE NEXT YEAR!” - so I didn’t get it.  SOMEDAY I SETTLE DOWN AND THEN I CAN COLLECT A LIBRARY OF OBSCURE HISTORY BOOKS

- I had pine ice cream which tastes like nice pistachio ice cream.

- I’m so excited about studying art in Berlin you have like NO IDEA

- My Osakan friend suddenly asked if I wanted to have a Japanese husband out of the blue. After I got clear from the initial shock, I found out she had met quite many Finnish-Japanese couples during her trips to Finland and was thus curious about the matter. 

- She left me her home-made raspberry jam! She picked the raspberries from the nearby forest herself. Berry picking from forests is such a Finnish thing..!

- Next week I’ll head to Tampere and I’ll meet avaruuskala, finally!

- I have managed to save money for Essex/London trip!

- I had very encouraging short talk with other friend and I’m pleased and hyped

mrsariayoureakiller  asked:

On another note how different do you think Jonerys's relationship will be in the books compared to the show and I mean in terms of execution?Ugh,it's really bad that GRRM wasn't able to finish the books before the show since we have to hear BS about how Jonerys is fan service when we have confirmation that the books are going the same route I just can't believe that in book canon Dany's still stuck in Mareen pining after Daario,sign

I don’t think it would be too different since GRRM stated that they’re the focal point and would end up together. GRRM will hopefully help more with the writing for the final season, give them a more specific to make sure his work is done right.  People will continue to call Dany x Jon fan service no matter what, ignoring the fact that they have been built up from the first book- 20 years ago.

silverdaenerys  asked:

Dude. The antis. "After Jorah telling him Longclaw belongs to Jon and his children one day, the scene switches to (Arya, but Sansa stans tend to ignore her anyway) Sansa!! THIS MUST MEAN SOMETHING!!1" "I'm glad this love is one-sided, Jon is clearly not into Dany." Like lol? How the fuck can anyone be so delusional? It's not even funny anymore. (Just kidding, of course it is.) And sorry for spamming your inbox, but your replies are always fun to read.

I’m screaming. dear lord, they are a lost cause.
These are the same people that will deny Jon and Dany’s parallels/ juxtapositions for SIX seasons and 5 books and go ‘lol doesn’t mean anything’ but the camera goes from Jon to Winterfell and suddenly 'omgg j*nsa’. It’s sad.

thequeerwithabeard  asked:

If you do start selling No Way Out or any others your wrote, where would we be able to purchase it?

Some of my author friends have used the self-publishing service to make available very nice quality paperback copies of their books/fics - and I’ve had my eye on them for a while. The books come out as good a quality as any major publisher, I’ve got a couple from my friends that are awesome. And Lulu has come a long way since I first saw it, making it easy to register your copyrights officially, get ISSBNs and even make books available through Amazon (though that makes it more expensive to produce since obviously they take a cut). Printing on demand is almost certainly the way the industry of physical books is going to be moving because the cost differential is low and you don’t have to try and force miserable supply-side economics on there like the barnes & noble business models are built around.

So I’m considering a couple options. I may possibly making a limited run available of the fandom-only version as a kindof as-is version of book one as it was completed. So I might do that in addition to editing for a more general self-published run, or I might submit it to a commercial publisher - haven’t decided that yet. I kinda hate how much control you lose with publishing traditionally though - like, not even getting to veto the cover? I’m not so cool with that.

So we’ll see. Right now my non-work life is a bit full with renovating my house, but maybe this winter when it’s too cold to do some of that stuff I’ll have another push on getting that stuff moving again.

A Tip for Book Lovers

If you go to libraries and if you shop at Thriftbooks (both of which I recommend) then you may already know this fact. But if you don’t, let me enlighten you;

These places are breeding grounds for BED BUGS.

No this is not me telling you to stop. No this is not me calling that places dirty or gross. This is just the consequence of book sharing. Because these books trade hands and houses in a wonderful and perfect system of intellectual freedom. And I think that’s beautiful. But when a book trades houses that many times it’s prone to pick up something. That something is usually bed bugs.

Due to their natural structuring, books are ideal homes. And once a book returns to the library or the warehouse, these bedbugs wiggle out and find more places to burrow and breed.

And here’s another fun fact. Unlike ants, bed bugs are not social insects. They don’t like each other. So if you think you can just put down a single trap and catch them all, you’re wrong. They don’t work like that. If you poison one, it won’t go home and do a secret handshake with a hundred other of its friends. It’ll just die. If you kill one, you’ve only killed one.

Why am I telling you this? To scare you? To ward you away? Of course not. I’m just here to make sure you’re aware AND to introduce you to something that could save you a shit ton of grief.

The moment you bring the book home or take it out of its packaging, PUT THAT FUCKER INTO THE FREEZER.


Extreme cold and extreme heat kills bed bugs. And since we’re not Trump and holding book burnings is generally looked down upon, we do the next best thing. Freeze it. No, it won’t damage the book. A few days in there will only leave it cold and bug free. But if you’re worried, pop it into a large Ziplock before you do.

Read safe and stay bug free, my bookish friends! 📚📚📖

What the Signs Should Do When They’re Bored

**Use Sun and Moon

Aries: Learn to play a new sport or instrument. Go running. Get up and dance. Do some physical activity. Blast your favorite songs. 

Taurus: Bake something. Learn to cook a new dish. Read a book. Write a poem. Paint. 

Gemini: Write something. Write a story. Write a song. Write your thoughts. Clean your room. Take a walk.

Cancer: Go swimming. Go to the park. Feed some ducks. Write in a journal.

Leo: Sunbathe. Watch the clouds. Color. Paint. Draw. Read a news article.

Virgo: Read a book. Go to a thrift shop or a bookstore. Go to a coffeeshop and people watch. 

Libra: Do your make up. Do your hair. Get dressed up for no reason. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Scorpio: Research something that interests you. Make some art. Look at the sky—the sunset, the clouds, the stars, the moon.

Sagittarius: Garden. Take a walk through a forest or a city and look at what’s around you. Call a friend.

Capricorn: Sew or knit or cross stitch—learn if you don’t know how. Read a book. Clean something. Destroy something.

Aquarius: Go to an eclectic little shop or bookstore. Drive without a destination. Listen to the radio. Stargaze. 

Pisces: Take a relaxing bath. Snuggle up with a book. Take a nap. Go to a record store. Blast throwback music. 

Ways to Improve Writing Skills

1. Read. Even things outside of you preferred genre. The best books I’ve ever read go beyond the structure of the genre and touch well on things that are usually better handled in other types of writing. Reading also shows you more examples of characterization, scene structure, etc., and don’t be afraid to critique the book as you work through it.

2. Critique. Being helpfully critical of other writing is sometimes easier than working with your own, because you only have to work with what’s in front of you (like a reader of your story would). This can help you better prioritize what needs to be fixed first to last, plus you can get better at picking out problems and figuring out how to fix them.

3. Observe. In public, and maybe sometimes private, take some time to notice your surroundings and how people go about their lives. This can help with creating better description and a more natural setting/flow to scenes.

4. Talk. This is more useful for ideas, but find someone to bounce things off of. It doesn’t have to be anything big and they don’t need to know the whole story, just take one question like “How would you react if you suspected your friend was kidnapped?” and listen to what they say. The answer may not work in your story, but it can give you a new perspective that writers always need.

5. Take a break. And do some of the things above. When you return to your work, you may notice a difference in writing skill, even if it’s only on a tiny part of the piece. Breaks allow your brain to synthesize what you learn and let you recharge your energy, usually resulting in more confidence if handled correctly. 

Good luck with your work and if there are any questions, drop them in my ask box and I’d be happy to answer.

I used to read when I could find nothing else to do

Now I pretend I have nothing else to do so I can read.


Soukatsu on twitter translated some episode commentary from Sayo found in the Go Yuri Go! Book. Some of it we’ve seen, but a lot of it is new. 

  • The ice dancer mentioned in episode six is likely Guillame Cizeron of two time World Champion French team, Papadakis/Cizeron. Yamamoto-sensei mentioned Chris being inspired by him at Japan Expo, Paris and even said that Chris’s instagram would probably resemble Cizeron’s
  • Daisuke Takahashi’s 2010 short program, Eye by Coba. He won bronze at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
  • Here is his Vancouver free skate, which is also mentioned.
  • Aim for the Ace! is a vintage 70s manga about female tennis players. It was one of the first big, popular sports shoujo manga. 
Keep reading your Bible

Please. I’m begging you.

I know, I get it. It can be overwhelming to think about. You don’t know where to start. It feels like a chore at times. You get too easily distracted. I. Get. It. But please don’t give up on it.

You need it if you want to survive and remain strong in your faith. Without it, you will spiritually starve yourself to death. You can’t maintain a strong relationship with the Lord when you’re never reading the Word He gave you in order to be close to Him.

Find a book related plan to go off of. Look for reading challenges. Keep a Bible journal. Join a Bible study group. Do something. Make it a habit, to the point that a day without it feels like a day without brushing your teeth. Stop putting it off, please. It’s in your best interest. You’ll never regret spending even the smallest bit of time in the Word.

Please just read your Bible.

Hoe Tips: Self Love/Self Confidence

The key to being a boss hoe is loving yourself, and reminding yourself that you👏are👏the👏shit👏. I know this is easier said than done sometimes, so here are some tips to change your self perspective, and honestly to change your life.

1. I know this is going to sound cliche, but eating healthy and exercising does WONDERS. Taking care of yourself physically is a huge aspect of taking care of yourself mentally, as it balances out hormones, produces endorphins, and makes you generally look and feel better.

2. For body confidence: take selfies. Take several. Try out different filters, angles, and lighting and see what you look best in. If you’re comfortable, even take some nudes or lingerie pics to boost your ego. Snapchat has a feature called My Eyes Only where you can passcode protect any pictures you don’t want people seeing to keep all of your selfies and nudes.

3. Cut off people who treat you like shit. Cut off people who aren’t important to you. Cut off people that contribute nothing to geting you where you want to be. Delete numbers, block social media accounts, whatever you have to do. Be civil if you interact with them, but do not let them suck you in.

4. Learn to say no. Say no to things that make you uncomfortable, or things that hurt you, or things that may put the things you work hard for at risk. You are not obligated to do anything that you don’t want to do. Say no, and don’t apologize, because it is your RIGHT to say no.

5. Take yourself on a date. Go for a walk, see a movie, eat at your favorite restaurant/cafe. I like to make a habit of doing this once at least every couple of weeks, for some alone time.

6. If you’re comfortable, or at least willing to try, masturbate. Invest in a sex toy, or rely on your fingers, and go to town. Physical pleasure can do *wonders* for your mood and your self confidence.

7. Do your hair/makeup/wardrobe the👏way👏you👏want👏. Pick out looks that you KNOW flatter you, and invest in more items and styles like it. Toss/donate clothes or items you don’t like, and make sure that the only things in your vanity/closet are things that you know you slay in.

8. Make playlists that make you feel like a boss ass bitch. Beyonce, Rihanna, 5H, Nicki, and Ciara are some personal faves of mine, but any songs that make you feel sexy or in charge will do. Listen to them in the car, during your workout, just laying around, etc.

9. Every month, reserve a day to treat yourself; do some yoga or workout, take an epsom salt bath instead of a shower, soak your feet (warm water+baking soda in a little bucket=super duper soft feet), paint your nails, do your eyebrows, do a face mask, meditate, read a book, knit, draw, paint, go for a walk, get a massage. Develop a monthly routine to have a day for yourself and do whatever it is that makes you feel best.

10. Invest in a freakum dress; everybody needs one outfit (doesn’t even have to be a dress) that you know DAMN well you look fine in. Mine is a black bodycon dress with ribbed sides and black heels, I look and feel like a bad bitch in it. When you feel down, put on ya freakum dress. Look in the mirror, examine your angles, hype yourself tf up because you fuckin slayyy boo

11. Educate yourself. Pick a topic that you want to learn more about (it can be anything, from an artist to a particular science to a sport) and research it. Do one topic per week, and be amazed with how much you learn and absorb. Treating your brain is too often neglected, and being rich in knowledge is the best kind of rich you can be.

12. Keep a journal. Write out what you feel about yourself, what moves you have made to take care of yourself, and what situations you can work on. This will help you keep track of your self love progress, and you can look back at certain steps for motivation.

13. Give yourself something to look forward to each day. Pack a delicious lunch before you go to bed, make plans with a loved one, reserve an hour for your favorite show, lay out your favorite clothes the night before, plan a nap, whatever motivates you to wake up a little happier the next day.

14. Watch ASMR videos or podcasts (you can find them on YouTube). These are videos that focus solely on sounds (wrappers being crinkled, nails being tapped, whispering, etc.), and stimulating your senses. Some get a tingly feeling from listening to specific sounds, others find it easier to relax/focus. It sounds stupid, but it genuinelt changed my life.

15. If you genuinely feel that you need more than just self-help tutorials on Tumblr, do NOT be afraid to seek professional help. There are plenty of affordable, helpful therapists, hotlines, and counselors to assist you in any emotional conflicts that you may be having. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is not something to give up on if the first try at therapy doesn’t work out for you. If you feel you need it, please please please, seek help.

16. Quit drinking/smoking/doing drugs if you do any of them. This one should go without saying.

17. Make a bucket list; list places you want to go, things you want to do, concerts you want to see, and start doing them one by one.

18. When you make minor mistakes (a bad grade, a missed play in a sport, an embarrassing moment, etc), use the two minute rule; take two minutes to be upset, assess the situation, establish what you could’ve done differently, and move on. After two minutes, take the issue as a lesson, instead of as a mistake. Learning that you are human, and furthermore mentally establishing how to be a better one, is a HUGE aspect in self love.

19. Know your worth. You are a human being, capable of endless things. You have your own flaws, and your own talents, and your own assets that are unique and individual to YOU. You can wear whatever, sleep with whoever, date whoever, eat whatever, do whatever, as long as you 1) respect legal values and the values of others, and 2) remember your own value. Do not let anyone demean you, because you are more than someone’s critique of you.

That’s all I can think of for now. Love yourselves, babies. I know from personal experience that it’s hard to go from rock bottom to the throne, but I swear with patience and resilience, it can be done. My messages are open for anyone who needs to talk or has any questions. Stay safe, queens💞