Now that Rhapsodic is nearly done, how will I cope waiting for A Strange Hymn to be released in paperback???

Ta-dah! I’m jumping on the Mortal Instruments bandwagon 🤓📖

  • Do you know how many years you just took off my life with that emoji string, I am so old now, a porch and rocking chair sprang into existence beneath me just so I could holler at young whippersnappers 
  • The first book is The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold, which is hands-down the best fantasy book I have read. It is about kindness and purpose and hope and death, and is often very funny. But if you’re interested in it, I strongly encourage you just to pick it up from the library without reading the summary or anything. Just go in blind and let the story tell itself to you.
  • The second is Foreigner by CJ Cherryh (or rather, the Foreigner series.) The protagonist, Bren, is a translator & political go-between for humans and aliens at a technological & cultural crisis point, and the books are mostly about figuring out common ground, making alliances, and intrigue. Everyone’s an assassin.  The first book is kind of obtuse–it has like five false starts of unnecessary backstory, all of which can be skipped on first read, before it actually lands on the protagonist–but these are my favorite aliens, and I have a soft spot for Court Drama + protagonists with anxiety.