Spent a good chunk of Victoria Day reading Red Sister by by Mark Lawrence, and I am pleased to report that this was a good life choice!

It’s like Harry Potter.  Except instead of taking place in Britain, it takes place in a sci-fi Ice Age wasteland.  And instead of taking place in Hogwarts, it takes place in a convent for magical battle nuns.  And instead of starring a dude as the Chosen One, it stars a neglected young peasant girl with a heart made for war.  And instead of having Neville Longbottom, it has a spoiled noble girl who is also a Chosen One candidate and who clearly needs to make with our protagonist, like, yesterday.

So basically Harry Potter + sci fi + murder + lesbians - whimsy.

I am so mad that the sequel doesn’t have a release date yet.

I survived triumphed over another 24-hour readathon, because that’s what you do when you got nothing else going for you but a stack of books! This year was a little less fun than the previous year (more people=higher stress, fewer places to sit/less ability to rearrange, someone’s girlfriend predictably getting bored and a little whiny about a lot of things. On the other hand I can say for a fact that I was awake and reading books for 23 hours and 45 minutes out of the 24 hours total. (Took a 15-minute nap at about 3:30 this morning.) 

Here’s the total stack of books I read:

  • Terry Pratchett: The Wee Free Men
  • Terry Pratchett: A Hat Full of Sky
  • Jaye Robin Brown: Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit
    Domenica Ruta: With Or Without You
  • Claire North: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
  • Alastair Reynolds: Turquoise Days
  • Hannah Pittard: Listen To Me
  • Nina LaCoer: We Are Okay
  • Jacqueline Koyanagi: Ascension
  • Jen Mann: People I Want To Punch In The Throat
  • Miscellaneous George MacDonald fairy tales (The Golden Key, The Gray Wolf, The Day Boy and the Night Girl, The Lost Princess)

All in all, 2,738 pages.

I am so tired.


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i’m currently rereading the dollanganger series by vc andrews, and i’m nearing the end of ‘flowers in the attic’ right now. i first read vc andrews when i was 8 years old (’dawn’ was the first book of hers i read), and i read the dollanganger and cutler series in earnest at about fourteen. i’m reading them again at 35, and they’re still so painfully, unbelievably delicious.

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