Day 29 Book Photo Challenge: My Bookshelf

I took this as a good opportunity to up date the photo I have of my library. I have other large book shelves around the house but this is the main area where I read. There was at some time in the past some sort of order to the books but that has been left by the wayside.

When we moved in the shelves were already attached to the wall which meant that our original plan of making this room into a pool room couldn’t happen. Its called the library because that is what button on the air conditioning calls it. And I couldn’t have been more delighted.   

Look at all of these beautiful books I own, but haven’t read! Not pictured are the six more books I found, my kindle (with at least eight books I haven’t read on there) and the books I’m currently reading- This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald and a Johnny Cash biography. 
I’ve got a wonderful lot of reading to do! (And yet, there are six more books on their way to my post office as I type!)


March 18th 2016 • 15h06

I am the girl who takes her books with her, even when she goes grocery shopping 😁😇

So, the apartment is clean, I went grocery shopping and now I’m going to work on my dissertation for a bit before going to the library.
It’s super sunny outside, all I want is to spread a quilt on the grass and lie there for a while, with nothing but my books and the chirping of the birds. ☀️🌿

March 21st 2016 • 11h56

I am feeling much better though I’m still feeling a bit sick. Today I’m going to be reading Mrs Dalloway (I really need to finish it soon) and start working on a commentary I have to write for my Scottish lit class. I’m feeling extra motivated (let’s hope it lasts!).