It’s a sad day for the world of comics as we’ve lost one of our true originals, Jack Davis.  His comics graced the pages of E.C. publication like Tales from the Crypt and, most famously, MAD Magazine, of which he was a founding contributor and which he worked on for decades, as well as countless movie posts, album covers, book & magazine covers, trading cards, advertisements, editorial artwork and character design for films such as Mad Monster Party.  He was a vibrant, brilliant artist and he will be missed.


Fliegende Blätter / Band CXXXX (5) / Bild 09 by Michael Studt

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Fliegende Blätter / Wochenschrift

Band 140 (3575) Verlag: Braun & Schneider (München / Deutschland; Januar 1914) ex libris MTP

so like…… do any of you do the thing where whenever youre reading anything that isnt fanfiction, like a published book or a magazine or even like wikipedia and like gay or trans stuff is casually mentioned and you have to like….. reread that shit like twelve times just to make sure you didnt hallucinate it

I’m a big fan of using big words and real scientific terms with kids, yet there’s something super charming about this book by Randall Munroe (of xkcd fame). Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words explains ISS, microwave ovens, skyscrapers, submarines, elevators, the sun, and a lot more by only using the 1,000 most common words in the English language.

For kids and adults who don’t know the discussed facts, the simple descriptions may shed some light. For kids and adults who do, the descriptions can be like a humorous alien translation that makes you rethink everything with a new, very literal point of view. Excellent diagrams. Lots of wonder, deadpan humor, and actual information. Connecting the dots for all ages in a variety of ways.

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It can tough to be a stranger in a new city. In this beautiful oversized book, a lion roams Paris in search of purpose, love, excitement, attention… yet, for some time as he searches, he feels lost and lonely in the bustling crowds.

We love when books give kids a chance to explore more melancholy feelings, yet the playful collages of city life help balance out the lion’s journey. Those who know Paris will especially enjoy where the lion finally finds his place and purpose. A new classic.

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