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Yes, apparently! Geez, I remember the time when I still had 8 followers. And I thought it was more than I would ever get. And look at me now! My first two hundred followers. First I have to say that I just can’t thank you guys enough. No matter if you decided to follow me two seconds ago, or two months ago, or if you have been here since the very beginning. I love you all so very much and I am eternally grateful (maybe I’m overdoing it a bit?) Second, I have no idea how follow forevers work, so I’ll just mention my eternal love for you guys and a couple of people that mean a lot to me. By the way, I edited that pic-thingie myself, hahah.

There are a lot of people who follow me, but are not followed by me. I am not going to mention any bloggers, but know that if you ever liked or reblogged my stuff, asked me a question or anything, I love you until the end. (Yep, I’m overdoing it.)

Now for some of my favourite sometimes-not-so-mute-uals! (sorry I’m being weird.)

These people have decided to follow me back once, or I have followed them back maybe (probably not.. :/). With some of the people I have had amusing convos, others I have just admired silently. But I just want to thank amberthebooklion, bibliodisneydreamer92, booklionsunite, books-and-cookies, booksandeverything-in-between, chibi-reads, duckduckbooks, i-need-more-time-for-books, ifconniecanreadyoucan, introvertedbookworm24, literaturetea, mariethelibrarian/mariethelibrarian-main, mycupofbooks, newtsbookblog, octoberreads, once-upon-a-time-10, oracleanne, paellego, pollyandbooks, readaroundtherosie, the-belief-in-books and thebooker for following me, being more than kind and super awesome, and making my dash better than ever. I love you guys <3 (and if you actually don’t really like me, I’m sorry for bothering you, hahah.)

And I’m also doing a special mention for awesome blogs I follow, but don’t follow me. They probably haven’t noticed me, since I’m a just a beginner in the game of blogging, but they turn my dash into something fabulous. So I’m thanking ananasbooks, aqueenofbabble, beckisbookshelf, bluestockingbookworm, bookmad, bookphile, dystopianbookworm, freshface-blankpage, listentothepages, mariesbookblog, mychemicalbooks, negative-pessimist, paigeinbooks, paygeturner, readingdidyoumeanbreathing, readthebloodybook, sittingonabookshelf, smaugthebookhoarder, tea-books-lover, the-bookshelf-at-the-end, twentysomethingvagabond, whatlovelybooks and whittynovels (and probably so many more I forgot to mention) for being a fantastic person with a perfect blog (I’m actually a little scared to tag you guys, I don’t want to bother you guys :s).

So, well, that was quite it. Thanks for reading this whole thing, and until the next shout out/follow forever thingie! (Did I do it right this way?)


Home of Andrew Trotter, an interior designer and art director from the Yorkshire Dales, along with Spanish photographer Mari Luz Vidal and Japanese chef Nobu Kawagoe. Their home is at once private and public simultaneously: It opens as an exhibition, dinner and concert venue, and it is the inspiration for their magazine, appropriately called Openhouse.

Funfact: When I read The Fault in our Stars for the first time about two years ago I thought this was really pretty but in a ‘this only works in a book because life just doesn’t work like this and it would just be stupid and cheesy’-way and when me and my boyfriend became a thing a few months later I realised that this is actually exactly how life and love work.

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After the curse was broken, Belle wandered into Mr. Golds shop as she had been directed, "hello?" ( bookshelvedteacups )

Rumple looked up. Why was someone here? Someone trying to settle a score now that the curse was broken, no doubt. He didn’t answer, hoping the person would just go away. He didn’t think about turning the back office light off.