Just a big ol pile of receipts: VOYA rages on

At this point if you need context for this, read up in our VOYA tag.

Remember when I said it was a lit-ass garbage fire the other day?  Well today was like this:.  

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Honestly, I am so tired.  So so tired.  I am sad and tired and did I mention tired?  All this VOYA bullshit is just so profoundly exhausting.  VOYA (particular editor/owner Lisa Kurdyla) doubled-down on mean, defensive, bigoted, and utterly reprehensible rhetoric on their facebook page today.  

So for today’s update, I don’t really have the energy for the usual dog and pony show with snarky comments and gif-laced analysis that you all have come to expect.  Instead I’m just gonna give you screencaps so they don’t get lost in the sands of time whenever VOYA decides to purge this from their facebook.  

To be clear, you might not want to read all of these unless you have a strong stomach.  There is a lot of fucked up shit in here.  

Here you go.  Read ‘em and weep.  Literally.  I did.  

This Angie Manfredi asking some really top notch critical questions and getting TOTALLY ignored.

is sock puppet queer terminology

is sock puppet queer terminology

is sock puppet queer terminology

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Can we just take a minute to let this mind-boggling ignorance sink in?

After all this and more, VOYA seemed to set their facebook to private, and when it came back, they had deleted all of bisexual author Hannah Moskowitz’s comments.

I don’t know who Edward is but thankfully he seems to have taken the keyboard away from Lisa so things have actually quieted down in the last four hours.  

A few more things for those brave souls that made it to the end now that you’re good and horrified:

Right now, I’m just really hoping that tomorrow can truly be a day of rest.  I’m reeling and so many other people are too.  Can we rest?  

- Sarah

and i have been so good for a week. i haven’t missed him but i feel like he’s a ghost just lingering around me, like im the place he died in, only i did everything to keep him alive and i don’t know why he keeps fucking haunting me because i gave him everything i had and even as a ghost he just keeps taking more it’s like even his absence strips me and breaks me down to my core and i want to reach out to him but i don’t want the only way for me to hold his hand be by using a ouijia board or calling out “is anyone there?” and i know even then he wouldn’t want to talk to me, he’d just rather haunt me reminding me of what i once had so close to me. and it hurts me. i am tired of being a place for you to come and ruin. i am not your home anymore. i am not a foundation you can keep wrecking. please, come back alive, be alive for someone else.
—  im sorry, i tried to reach you in the best way i knew how.
I’m scared of falling in love with you because I can’t see you because you’re so far away from where I live. And I know that love is not and never was not about proximity but love is and always was something I wasn’t sure of until I met you. And I’m scared because I am now faced with great certainty that I don’t know what to do but be subjected to self-doubt that maybe only in great proximity is where I’ll fall in love with you. Because there I can’t have you. Because there I can always love you without expecting you to love me back.
—  Nicole by Juansen Dizon

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Comments about “Natsume Yuujinchou 5th season” and
Scene-cut of the 1st episode.


“ It’s been a long absence to cast Natsume Takashi in front of the microphone.
Delicated, cautious, a bit mature boy. For Natsume’s voice, each lines and script have also been recorded carefully.
Please everyone to support a new start moving of Natsume and his friends continuously.”

“ After a long time, the world of Natsume!
I’m really happy~ All casts gathered. Atmosphere around was so familiar incredibly after voice testing.
Their smile was impressive. I was so glad being Nyanko-sensei~~maybe even a bit too excited by high tension.
Let’s all being waku waku together with Natsume’s world. ”

**Reminder that the 1st episode of Natsume 5th season will on on 4/10!!!
Getting super excited!!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))