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ok i read a book as a kid that was about four kids (three girls one boy) who find this like ring or something? that grants wishes but only HALF the wish so in order to get your full wish you either gotta wish twice or double whatever you’re wishing for. like at one point the boy wishes his friends were back and all of a sudden he sees whispy ghost-like versions of his friends playing baseball. what was this book



I wrote a picture book for class! This is just a cute little video showing my process!


I was 🤗 super excited 🤑for the new 👔 Diary 📔 of a Wimpy🚫💪 Kid movie🎞🎬! Action⚔️! Romance😍! Thrills😱! I was most excited for Roderick♥️! But then… an emo🔪💉💉 fag👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 was where 👑Roderick was😡! They replaced him☠️😭! I was so frustrated😤 that I 🔥burned 🔥my Diary📕 of a Wimpy Kid Books📚 and cried😭 on my 😎Roderick😍poster. My fellow Wimps🚫💪, we must stand against 😖Willy Wonka😔. WE 👏NEED 👏THE 👏OLD 👏RODERICK🤘! #NOTMYRODERICK

while doing the anya x tara gifset i realized they didn’t have a lot of moments but it was more than i remembered. and now i feel like writing some headcanons for them:

  • they used to hang out a lot by themselves when the others were too busy with their own stuff.
  • after bargaining anya showed tara how to buy rare magic supplies on ebay.
  • well it was actually anya who taught tara all about it and how to make money on internet. then tara started to sell her old stuff when she was getting out of money.
  • tara once gave anya a kids book for her birthday because she felt bad when the ex demon didn’t know about the cat in the hat book and she didn’t want anya to feel left out.
  • as nice and subtle as she could, she tended to defend anya from willow’s grumbles.
  • ‘i actually kind of like her’.
  • tara liked to teach anya a few minor spells when she was feeling nostalgic and missing her powers.
  • please, tara was the only one who really did get anya and treated her well enough. they’re good friends.
  • anya really liked to talk with tara because the witch didn’t mind explaining her stuff and was always kind about it.
  • they liked to play board games with dawn. and did it a lot to keep her company when buffy was out.
  • tara always thought anya was funny…….. but in the opposite, anya didn’t get tara’s sense of humor. but yeah, that’s fine.
  • once they had a really weird conversation about lesbian sex because anya wouldn’t let it go.
  • sometimes they sat down and tara’d listen to anya talk about her adventures as a vengeance demon. a few times she’d get really disturbed bc anya didn’t know how to filter the details but it was at least entertaining.
  • anya actually helped tara to study one time and told her point of view on a few historic moments.
Has Anyone Made This Comparison?

So I was going through the books I loved as a kid today, and:

The Westing Game:

Sam W. Westing, a rich old gentleman, dies and leaves a strange will, cocerning some family history and calling the benefactors, who are seemingly random people, to find out who murdered him. The winner will inherit Westing’s fortune.

The benefactors of the will, who barely know each other and have little if any blood relations, try to win The Westing Game. Danger and mystery unfolds. Westing’s murderer is supposedly out for everyone.

The 39 Clues:

Grace Cahill, a rich elderly lady, dies and leaves a strange will, cocerning some
family history with a Treasure Hunt, naming seemingly random people as benefactors.
The winner of the Clue Hunt will find the Master Serum, which makes you the Utltimate Human 2.0.

The benefactors of the will, who barely know each other and have little if any blood relations, set on the quest. Danger and mystery unfolds. There is a fifth branch of the family, supposedly out for everyone.
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“Who wants to see this movie? Asking for a friend.”

idk if anyone on tumblr has seen this yet but….. go blow up Jorge’s twitter feed and let him know y’all want more Book of Life!!!

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