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ID #56778

Name: Cora-Beth
Age: 22
Country: United States/ United Kingdom

I’m originally from small town New York, but currently getting my master’s in Medical Anthropology in England (here until September). I’m writing my dissertation of medicine/healing in witchcraft.
I’ve never had a pen-pal, but I’ve always wanted to give it a go.
One day I’ll learn Korean and Russian, but for now I’ll spend my free time crocheting and cross stitching, binge watching tv shows and movies, and attempting to improve my hand writing. I’m an avid collector of teas and books that I swear I’ll get to one day, I promise. I love to travel, the little I’ve done, and am looking at the Peace Corp in the next few years.
One day I hope to have a house in the woods with small farm with alpacas, and my own tea shop.

Preferences:  20+ and snail mail please